Unstoppable force — immovable object



I did ask for people to ask me questions

Dear readers, 

If you have never read my writing then you will not know that I literally write about whatever I am asked to in my sparest (basically my laziest) of time.I was asked to write my answer to the question:


''What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?''


That's a trick question, is it not? I asked him, and he said, no, it's a ''concept'' where there is no right answer. 


''Aha! — I've got it!'' I thought. If the force is unstoppable it can not crash into the object, and the immovable object wont move out of the way for it, therefore the force, upon meeting, must bounce off of the immovable object. Wrong!! For the bouncing action to occur the force must stop before changing direction it must stop for a millisecond beforehand.



''Hmm — I know!'' I thought. It relates to the unmovable object. It must have a hole in it, then the force could pass through it. No, that also can't be right, because then they never really meet. The unmovable object must change shape and bend around the force, that way the object doesn't move. Though actually, this is also not possible. Why? — because bending is a curving movement within a structure, produced by reaction to a force. 


''What the heck! — This is a trick question'' I thought. So I did what any other unknowing person would. I googled it. It turns out that if the ''concept'' of immovable objects and unstoppable  forces where exactly what they are — ''concepts'' then conceptual laws could be given to them. For example we can now say that an unstoppable force is unstoppable unless it meets an immovable object, or vice versa.


The whole point of all this was that I wanted the universe to guide me on what I should learn and share. However it took the longest to write this, and it is my shortest blog. Luckily I now realize that I did learn I should write what interests me/ what I am passionate about learning, then it won't seem like a chore.


PS — If you have read this far I would appreciate a question please :)     


PEACE <3  




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