Voting by Rhonda L. Jackson



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When I hear young people say they don't read I am saddened!  Reading is sooooo basically fundamental that to intentionally not read is upsetting to me!!! This is the same way I feel about voting!! Everyone who supported President Obama in 2004 and 2008 should send him an apology because we did not continue to support him by VOTING IN EVERY ELECTION after he was elected!! We allowed the House and the Senate to become republican run stifling the president's and our chance of getting things done.  Maybe we would have quality universal healthcare for all had we voted in every election during the Obama Administration! Maybe there would a would a republican party that had some type of grasp on reality! Maybe there a republican party that could see America as splintered instead of broken!  Maybe Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and the other republican would be true conservatives not small minded mean little men and women who would only do  more serious damage to America!!  Voting is too important especially now!! No one can afford to commit the sin of not voting!!! When Gregg Abbott was elected governor of Texas I was shocked!  When republicans took over the House and Senate I was shocked then I heard on Bill Maher how democrats don't show up for every election that's how we get a great president with a crazy  Congress!!!

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