Hope for Peace



Just some thoughts running loose in this head of mine.

I’ve held in my outrage and the racism that has been going on in America, publicly, for as long as I can remember. No one can bring up the subject without one person or another getting offended during the conversation. It’s a terrible argument to have with a loved one when you find out they don’t really believe everyone is equal. Equality, no matter what is on both sides of the scale, is supposed to weigh out the same. Whether or not our forefathers knew what it meant to me, I expect America to uphold the “All men are created equal,” part of those documents we’re always fighting about.

More crime has happened in the last three years that breeds a new group of haters with each blow. Cops kill a person; that’s a problem. People kill a cop… that’s a problem. Justice is under-served everywhere and these days no one in particular is getting the good end of anything. Aside from the infamous one percent, the rest of us are screwed. Even then… an assassination within the one percent is still an assassination is it not? It happens all the time, and it’s still tragic.

Why do people have this notion that you cannot care about the boy that got shot excessively by law enforcement if you are going to also mourn the officers in Dallas that died just for standing there. I’ve lost track of all the tragedies… I’ve literally spent entire nights pouring over terrible things that happen to everyone all over to everyone in America within the other ninety-nine percent. Families of all different races, religions, genders, sexualities, body types, and social status have suffered now. Equality is not reality and we’re left fighting to stay at the “average” line when we all could be way past “excellent” if we just tried.

So here’s my dare to the people that need it. Be nice to those around you. Public is for everyone, and do not make them feel welcome in our country and then still call it free. We’re all here, we’re all different, and no one wants to adapt anymore because every time racism dies down someone just has to light that fire again. In my own personal opinion, it’s usually the media. Not to say that media is all corrupted but it is geared towards a more local audience than a national one. Each region has their set of channels and newscasters… let’s think this through. Corruption is everywhere and recent events have riled up all those angry writers and we’re spitting venom. Tragedy strikes all the time, what makes it “more important” when it comes to reporting? I’m asking because I don’t know. If it were up to me, I would just take a violence count across the country and run off the states at the end of my news hour. That’s the amount of violence we’re experiencing if you’re really watching. Globally but, more importantly, nationally as well there are murders daily that go unchecked. We all need to stand together against all of those injustices. We shouldn’t want to stop until all the people that kill (beyond honest-to-goodness self-defense) are behind bars.

It’s been brought to my knowledge that there is a problem in the south. Usually, if a white cop kills a black kid they’re racist. Does that about sum it up? No! Should the officer be punished for not being able to handle the pressure in a situation that he was trained to handle? Absolutely, and there needs to be an example set. I’m tired of hearing how law enforcement abuses their power. Thankfully, I have never been a victim to it but that’s not because I’m white. Many of people I have come across have been judged by someone “in charge” because of a past action, the color of their skin, or the religion they hold in their hearts. None of those things are crimes, nor is the profession one conducts. Professions are all held to their own standards. We don’t want the farmer that grows our crops to be any more corrupt that the police officers roaming our towns. Each profession holds lives in their hands in their own way. The standards of law enforcement are more strict, or they’re supposed to be, and that’s why we’re supposed to be able to trust the people that wear those badges. When one of their own breaks the law, most see it as an embarrassment to the entire force. Everyone is watching now, and more and more are breaking under the pressure. Racism is to blame for a lot of it, and it’s sickening. Like doctors, they endure long nights and thankless work.

What’s even more disgusting to me is how everyone has joined their own “movement” in the middle of this entire mess. I don’t mind the hundreds of memes I scroll through showing how each mourn their own trigger tragedy. None of us really know the people in these tragedies past what we see on television and social media, so why are we so quick to clique up against each other. I’m guilty of this, too, and I’m here to admit and put a stop to that. I once walked around with “ALL lives matter” plastered on my heart and now even the people in that group have alienated others. The point here is equality. Yes, all lives do matter.

When all lives matter to everyone, there will be peace. We can speed up that process by just brushing our pride aside. When there is an injustice done, stand with someone even if that person or group scares the life out of you. If it’s right, do it. If its privilege they need from you let them borrow it for a minute. I personally don’t want mine. I wait my turn in line just like everyone else and when it’s my turn I expect the same courtesies as everyone else has received. The changes are happening. You can’t shove all these “skeletons” back into their respective closets. We are only left with the choice to deal with each other or tear each other down, our own personalities taking the same punches. I choose to embrace what is different and understand rather than judge it. I’m curious about cultures other than my own and where my inquiries have gotten me into heated arguments in the past, I don’t believe that’s the way it had to be. We should be able to share with each other without judgment of lifestyle, skin color, or paycheck. All of these things can go both ways. The man that makes a million dollars honestly is still judged by a million honest men. Don’t let money, spirituality, or individuality stand in the way of the peace we could share.

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