Would you like to pay 80,000 pounds to avoid bedsores?



Health tourism to the UK?

Health Tourism in the UK

(If you are a health tourist to the UK, don’t forget to bring your house with you.)

The UK hits back at those who say its NHS is free

It’s common knowledge that the British tax payer pays for the NHS but when you’re my late father and want to die at home —  it, the UK, in Oxfordshire, can find ways to take almost all of your savings and to start eating away at your house while you are being kept alive dying, slowly dying. ("They" want that.)

As He Lay Dying

Dad wanted to die at home. He put it in his legal acts. He died at home. “They” were about to start paying a tad but had their eye on his Oxfordshire house. And why not? It was worth 300,000, and carers, case managers and NHS staff need to live (well). “They” had got rid of his life savings. “They” kept him going without bed sores to the tune of nearly 2,000 a week.

nice place to die in

The Charity — Crossroads, Oxfordshire

My sister found it. “They” charged a lot but advertised that a carer is a person who willingly works for and cares for another person without a thought for money. “We don’t need your money, money, money…” so to speak, and money “can’t buy you” care.

Have You Ever Wondered?

Have you ever wondered if folks tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Because when Dad died his estate owed his carers’ charity about 20,000.


The NHS is not free and neither was my father’s terminal domestic care in Oxfordshire back in good old Blighty. If you are a health tourist fed up with far-away places like Thailand, travel to the UK. The NHS is the best of the best, it has NICE, too, that is the National Institute for Health Care Excellence, I am promoting NICER? that is the National Institute for Health Care Excellence Really?


When you come over, bring one of your houses with you for payment, and if you fancy a Cotswold village to peg out in slowly, bring over two.

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