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We continue the Scriggler Author Spotlight series with a quick interview with Adrienne Veronese — the author of "an absurdist romp through the intelligence industry's underwear drawer" — Bring the Wu

Adrienne Veronese

5 Sentences about you

After growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I hitch hiked at seventeen to Boston and worked with the beat poets of Beacon Hill for a year. I then spent a year at the Quarry Hill Creative Center in Vermont before returning to the west to attend the University of Oregon and study under John Haislip and Robert Grudin. After transferring to Antioch University West in Seattle to study psychology, I was one of the first poets to represent Pacific Northwest poets at Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival. I continue my ongoing love affair with poetry as I live and write novels, stories, essays and poetry on Northern California's Redwood Coast. Bring the Wu is my fourth novel.

5 Sentences about the book

I had no idea when I was writing Bring the Wu that by the time it was published the intelligence industry would be a central concern for our new administration. All I wanted to do was play with pudding. And midgets. There is so much corruption that we do not see, largely because it's so obscured by all the shenanigans going on. In Bring the Wu, I lay out a perfectly doable recipe for making it easier to identify their shenanigans by throwing pudding at their shiny things.

5 Sentences about one of the books’ characters

Agent Toole of the NSA dreams of being a stellar field agent, even though the NSA doesn't have field agents. After all, if they didn't intend to have stellar field agents, why would they have a program called Stellar Wind? When he discovers what he thinks is a coded message he decides to investigate the woman who wrote it, believing she is a highly trained intelligence operative with intel on a deadly global alliance. Little does he know he's on the trail of a reincarnated shamanic sorceress who swears she's just a run-of-the-mill absurdist voodoo priestess who smokes a lot of pot. And those coded messages are really just smoke signals.

Why do you think people should read it?

Pudding is a delightful way to wake up. It might even replace coffee one day. Just ask the midgets.

Who is your ideal reader?

Fans of comedic mystery, conspiracy theorists and former members of the intelligence industry looking to put their feet up and laugh are among my ideal readers. And midgets. And Rastafarians.

Other authors you admire — especially contemporary. Anyone stands out in particular?

I fell in love with Tom Robbins when I was sixteen and have never gotten over it. And don't even get me started on my feelings for Chuck Palahniuk. And please, whatever you do don't mention Hunter S. Thompson when I've been drinking coffee. As well, if you get the sense that the plot of Bring the Wu may be a bit convoluted, blame John Fowles for dying and leaving me to deal with this mess alone. And Philip Roth, I want to be just like him when I grow up.

How are you approaching the promotion of the book so far?

I'm old school. So far I've gotten half a dozen bookstores to carry my book. Aside from that, I've featured them on my website and posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What resources are you using, what events are you attending?

I did a reading of chapter one and it was a blast. I would like to do more of that and book signings.

Cover design and editing — who did you use and how was the experience?

Bring the Wu was edited by that delightful humorist Adderly Harp, and he did a wonderful job. Bradley Wind is my cover designer and has done four covers for me. I highly recommend him.

Do you have a newsletter, what do you normally include there?

No newsletter, but I might be open to sharing pudding recipes.

Favourite author/publication on Scriggler

My favourite thing about Scriggler is Scriggler.

Print or ebook? (both in general and how do you approach this for your book?)

Bring the Wu is available in print only at this time but will be out as an ebook by Valentine's Day. Both mediums have their benefits, but I am partial to print. I like the way they smell.

If anyone is interested in doing a review — how should they approach you?

Feel free to shoot me an email at or through my website.


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