Save a Life-The Easy Way/Funerals for Children



Resuscitation is restarting a heart and breathing so a person can live. Funerals are especially hard for children.

This is a song from the Bee Gees of Australia and the beat is used in some places to help start a person's heart.


If you are not trained professionally and are not up to date-it is best to take a class to learn how to save a relative's life as a stroke or heart attack can happen at any time anywhere in the World.


The mind has only so much memory and we are told not to live in the past as it is probably the cause of Dementia.

I was taught by my Great Aunt who lived to be 105- in Oklahoma City-"I do not have time to Grieve" when I asked her how to handle a death in my family. She said I have lost my only son, my parents and 12 brothers and sisters-

Children grieve in their own ways.

Some will weep and cling to others, some will act out and some children will show indifference and even laugh.

Death is profoundly disturbing to children and they may not remember it in the same way it happens.


Sometimes children need to hear that even adults say the wrong things and forget to do nice things when they are grieving.

Children may need to know that many times Adults feel relieved when a long illness of over and the suffering is finally over.

At the death of a relative or loved one -it is best to include even children but if the parents are grieving-a friend or relative may need to sit in and take the child our for short periods of time as not to upset the service.

At my brother's funeral I was not able to attend and he asked me and my husband not to come. I know this upset many of my relatives and that is their right too.


I grew up with Grand parents who had a Monument Company and grieving people were commonly around me.

When a person is about to die, it that time is known it is best to call in their Minister, Rabbi or Priest or another Holy person who understand the afterlife in the true way.

One holy book I have read says when there are just a few people at a death burial gathering-it shows they were a Saintly person.

Also many may attend a to show the family they are there and remember the loved ones even though they are very old.

Old people who loose all of their family and friends may commit suicide or drink too much alcohol and die as they feel they are a bother to the younger family members.


My husband and I are quite old. We want to live and live a long time. But this is not up to us-it is up to our Creator. Or if we make mistakes we could certainly die.


This is why prevention of diseases and good medicine are so very important.  The maids do the cleaning and see more than anyone. We need more who clean and know how to clean in this World.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness I was taught as a Nurse over 44 years ago, and I am still alive today because I knew how to wash my hands and many other things.

I wish you a great Season and your family blessings. Thank you for your time to read my writing.

Brenda Winters-Webb Author Brenda Kay






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