Big Pharma by Rhonda L. Jackson




I HATE BIG PHARMA!!! It seems everyone in America is in a big ass petri dish or lab rats and BIG PHARMA is chasing us around a maze! We are constantly being told by the pharmaceutical companies that these drugs will treat symptoms of a medical problem but rarely do they offer a cure!!! There is no cure BUT there will be side affects and much too often the side affects are deadly or at least as bad as the symptom they are suppose to treat! I am amazed by how these companies get away with this. The opiate addiction that is sweeping our nation today has a direct cause from the over use of opiates. I maybe alone in thinking this but it is astonishing! (Although the fault lies mostly with Western Medicine and the over prescription of pain medicine). OxyContin is a derivative of heroin and BIG PHARMA designed it to be that way!!! I am sure many of you remember (RLS) restless leg syndrome well that was invented by BIG PHARMA treated by western medicine probably with an opiate!! The thing is pharmaceutical companies love to invent new ways to test out new drugs without being responsible for the fall out!! So they invent syndromes then come up with treatment modalities and take no responsibility for the often deadly side affect because they tell the patient up front that the drug can kill you again astonishing!! BIG PHARMA and WESTERN MEDICINE HAS LOST THE RIGHT TO OUR IMPLICIT TRUST!!! We need to question every pill prescribed to us and read those side affects handouts the pharmacist gives us!!! WE NEED TO HAVE A MORE INFORMED SAY IN OUR HEALTHCARE AND THE HEALTHCARE OF OUR FAMILIES!!! LET'S STOP BIG PHARMA!!!


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