One Last Thing About Western Medicine by Rhonda L. Jackson



Western Medicine

I compare western medicine to a road trip to Dallas from Houston. So if you are traveling to Dallas from Houston you go to I45 and make a north bound turn and in about 4 or 5 hours (according to how fast you drive and how many stops you make) you arrive in Dallas. Now western medicine goes to I45 and makes a south bound turn and goes thru Mexico, South America, Antarctica, thru Africa and Europe, The Artic, through Canada and the northern states of North America until you reach Dallas, Texas! Treatment for an illness by western medicine is like this trip around the world. It can be very arduous and require many modes of transportation! Also this trip around the world like the treatment of western medicine is filled with great peril. Survival can be very be tenuous with western medicine there will be lingering harmful side affects. With western medicine there are always side affects, ALWAYS!!! So why do we trust these people these doctors so implicitly? The only treatment tools available to western medicine are either intrusive or invasive!! They either intrude upon our bodies with medicines that will cause awful and sometimes deadly side affects or they use invasive surgeries where all kinds of mistakes happen!!! Doctors sew us up leaving sponges inside us, they accidently puncture other organs they make mistakes and WE pay for them!! We pay for them both literally and figuratively! Our doctors hurt us THEY DO HARM their Hippocratic oath is either obsolete or just ignored because these doctors do a lot of harm!!! If your doctor requires implicit trust then it maybe time to find a doctor who requires a partnership. Because it does not matter how smart, how educated, how experienced your doctor is he/she does not know one important thing about you!!! Your doctor does not know how you feel only you know this and these drugs and their side affects will cause you to feel something different!!!

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