This Is What I Did by Rhonda L. Jackson



This is what I did

When Barack Obama was elected president in 2008 this is what I did. I started to study the other 43 presidents before him! I wanted comparative concrete proof on the effectiveness of his administration. In studying the other presidents I uncovered some interesting information about our former presidents!! I wasn't fooled by Ronald Reagan because I witnessed him and I saw that he was promoted way passed his abilities. I thought Jimmie Carter was the best president of my lifetime until Barack Hussein Obama! I loved the way President Carter handled hostage situation and how he told us we needed to find other sources of energy other than coal. But I went back in time and I changed my opinion of Thomas Jefferson. I previously saw him as a pedophile and a coward and a hypocrite but after reading more I changed that. I think my biggest surprise James Buchanan who was gay (homosexual). Historians called him the worse president in American History probably because of his sexuality but once he left office he bought 100 slaves brought them up north and set them free. He probably would have done a better job as commander in chief than Lincoln since he actually believed in the freedom of the slaves. I found out that Lincoln was on the down low. He actually had a male lover called Step!! You may have to go to the library to read up on Lincoln's sexuality this is stuff you don't get in regular history classes. James Garfield may have done more to promote the cause of Black people in America but some ner-do-well (who felt as though he was entitled to a government job)wing-nut shot him before he could even get his plans into affect! Also, Garfield had a self absorbed doctor who didn't know about infections/germs and wouldn't allow anyone else to care for him!! An knucklehead shot him but his incompetent doctor killed James Garfield! Oh yes, let's not leave out crazy Andrew Jackson (I wanted more information because of his last name). Anyhow, Jackson balanced the budget and got America totally of debt (probably is why he is on the twenty dollar bill) but this guy was a total ASSHOLE!!! He tried to kill all of the Native Americans!!! He sent them on death marches killing thousands from starvation and thirst. Men, women, and children dead at the hands of this piece of shit!! For years many Native American tribes would not carry a twenty dollar bill in their pockets because Andrew (crazy ass) Jackson picture is on it!!! Franklin Roosevelt did some good things for America and pulled out us out of one of the worse depressions I believe Roosevelt orchestrated the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Now there were other great presidents like the Adams (John and John Quincy) who did not own slaves at a time when it was popular to do so. President Obama, in my honest opinion, stands above many of our recent presidents and shoulder to shoulder with the best of the best!!




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