A Hero's Heart



Just think how different life would be if we retained the memory of where we’d been before, before this body.

One day, Child, you will have to earn money.

Money is a form of exchanging goods. Money is considered the most valuable good. You cannot eat it. In itself, it cannot house you but you will need to earn it as a prerequisite to both food and shelter.

Earning money is a game in mathematics and timing. It is a delicate dance that requires an understanding of human psychology and animal behavior. A background in finances couldn’t hurt.

Money is mainly physical but sometimes money exists in the ether meaning you will have it but never hold it.

Money is not to be hoarded. Hoarding treasure invites thieves. Hoarding treasure causes the spirit to mold and fester like bad fruit even if you have very little. One spoils the bunch.

Saving money is the act of collecting with intent to purchase something you want or may need. Money can be stored and saved but never hoarded. There is a difference. You will learn this difference when you learn the complexity of balance. Positive and negative intent can change the nature of an action or object to something tainted or something pure.

As you grow, Child, you must learn and cultivate how to be kind, courageous and unafraid. You must be understanding, empathetic, morally upright and spiritually round. All these traits are more or less one in the same. One follows the other like a loyal companion and together they build a complete and very durable soul. The soul is what your body protects. Protect it well. Treat your body as a temple. If the body is in order the rest of these tasks will come much easier and your soul will flourish. Keep this knowledge with you first and foremost because there will come a time very soon into your journey when many grown humans will ask you what you want to “be” when you grow up. Do not let this confuse you. To “be” is to exist in a conscious form. You are you by whatever form you’ve taken and by whatever name you've been given, and this is enough. What the grown humans are really asking is, how do you propose to make money?

Regarding this, I have no answers for you. Like I said, money is mathematics and timing. Timing is an astrological calendar that you’d do well to study. Keep your mind on what you can control and your eye on the stars. Never forget that you came from Spirit and that here is where you will find love when you lose it. Spirit exists in everything. Have faith that life will provide answers. Study the planets because they provide clues. Clues exist everywhere if you learn how to listen.

These lessons are not simple to master. You must take things in stride; the good with the bad. Know this, Child. Conflict is a part of life. Navigate these conditions with a hero’s heart and in the end, there will be good fortune.



Children terrify me. Maybe it's because I believe they know a great deal more about existence than we adults do. Given the chance, a child can spot failings and falsities like we may spot untied shoes. And while we're walking around like swamp monsters collecting veils upon our persons thinking life requires camouflage, a child threatens this disguise. It can be unsettling.

A child, whether they know it or not, still has one foot in the dream realm. They’re still bubbling with halfway conscious spirit matter. Let the children speak their wild psychic speak. Listen. Guide them out. Teach them not to fear expression. Tell them to trust that feeling of “knowing”- that matter-of-fact internal voice that urges them to speak. Help them lead with a hero's heart.

It’s true I have no children of my own, but I was that child once. We all were; bubbling spirit matter bouncing around our brand new bodies. And when we learned of mortality our human selves solidified. We were Peter Pan gluing our shadows to our feet, a direct reminder of those things that ground us.

Death is a human fear, some impending darkness nipping at our heels and it’s what we live by. We chase it or run from it. We deny it, denounce it, defy it or try to understand it. We have pamphlets and counselors to help us through it. Religions and science to help explain it. Holidays to celebrate or embrace it. Quite a human fixation this Death. "Pro-Life" is just another way to say "Anti-Death", but one cannot be anti-death. Death is transformation, death is life. Life is death. Life becomes us and death transforms us. Mortality is the sickle that cuts the last link to spirit consciousness and it’s death that leads us back to that same soul collective. 

But what if mortality wasn’t what grounded us? What if we taught our children to embrace this bubbling spirit energy that has come from the “knowing pool” and that feeds what it already knows through our brand new brains. What if mortality is a sneaky device here to scare us from this greater truth? Shock us into forgetting? If we teach children of the “knowing pool”- that they are spirit energy that’s come equipped with what it knows- would children no longer fear? Would their shadows then become doorways?

For me, it’s worth exploring. While memory of my earliest days is all but impossible to recall, what I have pieced together reads like a blueprint. Had I known then? Trust I had known.

Just think how different life would be if we retained the memory of where we’d been before, before this body. Maybe you don’t believe in reincarnation, but what I’m describing is more than that. It fits with your religion or anti-religion because it is above religion. Religion is merely a stepping stone to understanding spirit energy, energy that is locked away in our “knowing”. And “knowing” is neither science any more than it’s mysticism. Allowing yourself to know things that you know is the expertise of a child and should be cherished, nurtured and maintained. Intuition is the key to unlocking consciousness. Intuition is the connection to spirit.

I am of the shifting generation, lost in the belly of all I fear I have known and will never remember; once fully conscious, now shrunk away like a turtle in its shell. The waking life considered in these terms seems a trial of memory, a hero’s journey, a Person Legend, a lifetime spent waking up a sleeping turtle, that is, if we aim to rouse its slumber. 




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