The text files part 2-



I write such long texts to so many people, that they actually serve the same purpose as my blogs — and thus was born the text files, anonymity guaranteed

My friends text :

 ‘’All belief systems are false and ego-based, they are never the real thing. If you inhabit infinite universal love consciousness of truth of spirit within, then belief systems of the ego-mind aren't needed. The more you are believing the more you are reaching. Only with effort of reaching can the ego exist in anything you do. By this effort of reaching, by believing, it's feeding ego, not feeding your soul. Believing, reaching, is on the polar opposite spectrum of soul (the Eternal NOW of BEING). As soon as belief enters the mind, it is past/future orientation, which is the ego/false self identity (which is always control and fear based). The ego seeks control because it lives in fear. (someone on youtube)’’


MY RESPONSE (refined slightly)




That in itself is a belief system

To truly let go of belief systems, follow what you yourself believe. The past and future both have important lessons and guidance. We can still live in the present whilst learning from the past. The past is history, history often repeats, so to re-enter the past in order to grow from it can still be useful. To read or remember the past does not mean to live in it.

If believing and reaching are on the polar opposite, then it can-not be possible that the more you believe the more you reach!! That makes no sense. It's like saying : fear is the opposite of love, the more you love the more you fear... also one must have belief to believe in spirit in the first place...

 The sense I can make from what you wrote is as follows...

If one acts by the mind more than the heart space, which IS the centre of the ego, then higher consciousness may not be achievable: for the following reasons

The past might then become control based, fear and love are polar opposites, when one moves out of the heart space which 'is' the centre of universal love consciousness, beliefs of the past no longer flow in harmony with love but rather with ego.Since the mind is the next most powerful controlling centre within the body. The mind will remember bad and fear it, and in that way belief will alter the way of living into false spirit (control/fear/ego- as mentioned in your text). I believe if we move into the love which is the opposite of fear, the more we love the less we fear. The heart when remembering bad (memories happen presently so it can't mean living in the past) the heart can feel it, heal, help one learn from it presently.

And yes I believe this: since as mentioned in the previous text belief is the opposite of resistance, therefore the more I leave the less I resist


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