How To Be Happy



How to be Happier

Write out ten good things that happened to you today.


Look for acts of kindness

Read something new.


Try not to control others-just influence them.


Keep your hands busy.

Be careful what you see.


Be careful what you listen to.

Get friends and ask them what they like about you.


Dress as well as you are able and stand upright.


Be smug to make others remember you.


Surround yourself with fresh air and clean water.


Read books about helping the environment.


Eat tuna for brain food and dark chocolate for improving mood. (not too much or it is bad for you).


Hug yourself daily many times.

Allow others to express their opinion.



Forgive yourself if you make a human error.


When you see another person, you have no idea what they have been doing or what they are feeling.


You may never even see them alive again.


Laugh often.  It makes others wonder what you are thinking.





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