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I just poked my head out of the woods and nearly got caught.

 As dusk falls on another harvest season here at Fish Pants Dance Antics Ranch my attention turns from picking, production and packaging personal produce to the present, precarious predicament of picking an American president.

 To every S.o.t.o.s.o.m., B.o.t.o.s.o.m., (sisters and brothers on the other side of Mother), each in between, my American compatriots and any Earth thing, (yes, Democrats and Republicans too), please excuse our temper tantrum.

 The vehement virility and vicissitude of venomous, visceral vitriol, vituperation and violence revolving around this election suggests to me our level of maturity has manifested into a blatant, flagrant and miasmic atmosphere of "Us Vs. Them".


 I'd like, if I may, to advocate for a taciturn segment of our society who believes NO other human is an enemy. NONE deserve the despise the current political climate suggests.

 Propaganda, dis and misinformation, media sensationalism, corporation prevarication and willful, woeful lack of education are the infections that should be the subjects of our disdain and enmity.

Where are the heroes? Who's in charge?

 Our illustrious government has demonstrated a penchant and predilection for bullying. This disposition has permeated our culture. 

 A dangerous dance on disasters doorstep.

 Allowed to proceed, this horrible infighting can only manifest in, at best, a new civil war and at worst a dictatorship under Marshall law. To further exacerbate this incongruity, while we fight, our government has no direction except that dictated by the powerful few, (read rich).

 May I remind that beliefs are not truths, (see separation of church and state), and that "Any who believe anything to the exclusion of any other is radical". -Mi Oon-

 Not to be flippant but, any who believe this election or their candidate could or would do anything to change this fact, go right on bullying the pavement, phones and each other.

 Just remember; as long as we fight ourselves, NOTHING is "WE", "FOR", "BY" or "OF" the people.



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