WESTERN MEDICINE II by Rhonda L. Jackson



Western Medicine II

Whenever I write about Western Medicine a flood of concerns and ideas come to my mind. Yesterday I talked about how many of these drugs prescribed by OUR doctors CURE NOTHING but they cause many, many side affects and way too many times one of these side affects IS CANCER!!! Let's just look at the scenario for a second. Waaaay too many Americans are taking some type of prescribed medication. Let's say you are taking five pills per day (often it is many more) of the five pills three can cause cancer of the tree that can cause cancer one does!! Now you and your family are on that thread mill of chemo-therapy and radiation the real poison!!! I am saying a link to this increased diagnosis of cancer maybe a because of our use of soooo many prescription drugs. There has already been a link to increased heroine addiction because of opioid prescription. The deal is in America we are prescribed waaaay too many drugs that don't offer any cure to our malady but there will be side affects and waaaay too many times the side affect is cancer. My aunt has diabetes and of course she takes medicine for it. Then she was diagnosed with high cholesterol and there was medicine for that also. But what she DOESEN'T HAVE IS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE!! Her damn doctor prescribes her high blood pressure medicine to protect her kidneys. Now I know this routine because another family member from another state told me the same damn thing. Now, it's hard for to digest this because high blood pressure medicine has many, many side affects one in particular is the rebound affect. So you are on for example Lisinopril and for some reason you run out of it. The absence of this drug in your body will cause your blood pressure to rise so high you will probably will have a fatal stroke and this medicine is given as a preventative measure. Anyone taking a high blood pressure medicine to protect their kidneys (just asking)? I am not criticizing your personal doctor per se. I am saying is Western Medicine has been bought and paid for by Big Pharma and Big Pharma needs to sell pills to you!! You NEED to be desperate enough to buy them!! What I am saying is YOU need to inform yourself and question your doctor! What I am saying is WESTERN MEDICINE HAS LOST THE RIGHT TO OUR IMPLICIT TRUST!!!



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