Want to know a secret?



Can we cheat Father Time and stay alive?

Tapestry — used in reference to an intricate or complex sequence of events

A part of life’s many fabrics, immersed with pictures or designs — formed by an intricate weaving of coloured video clips and memories, within an ethereal canvas, mounted upon the alabaster everlasting walls of Times never-ending cathedrals.

Our tapestry starts at birth and finishes some say — at our journey home, but does it have to be this way?

Can we cheat Father Time and stay alive?

Do we simply stay hanging upon Times invisible walls, or do we seek a means to echo within its vast corridors’?

Can we create a noise so loud — he himself even has to come and see us once again?

We and we alone, weave our own ethereal tapestry – we and we alone, create impressions upon people we meet – we and we alone, create the memories that will reside in that tapestry.

Want to live forever?

Want to know a secret?


Create beautiful memories!

Within memories lies the key – create a thunderous and celebratory legacy of how you acted and lived!

A beautiful spun tapestry of Life that all will smile when they remember your name — that is how to live a never-ending life.

Doing good when you can — for whom you can — filled with an opulence of love and compassion!

Well what are you waiting for — you now have the philosopher's stone !

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