Life & Death



What are we doing with our lives?

A very dear cat acquaintance of mine passed away the other day; and, as anyone who has befriended an animal knows, the amount of joy an animal can bring into your life is unmeasurable -- not to mention the companionship of another living being that looks into your eyes and enjoys just hanging out with you.

Naturally, I was overcome with grief, which exploded into weeping. Then I buried her in my back yard.

At the end of the day, as I reflected on the time I spent with her over the years, I realized how insane our lives have become.

We post about this, tweet about that, and constantly share photos of everything we do; and by consuming most of our lives with all of that, we miss out on living those moments. True, in one regard, we are preserving those moments; but by introducing a device and a procedure, we are removing ourselves from the full human experience.

Unlike a photographer who objectively captures a scene, like an artist on a canvas; we are recording ourselves in that scene, and removing ourselves from the immersive experience -- even if only for a short period of time.

In the end, we're left with thousands of photos and comments in the cloud that depict thousands of moments that were wasted by not being truly 100 percent there.

Only when we lose a friend, the subject matter of our obsessive social sharing, do we realize that all the photos in the world can't recreate the physical moments lost.

For many this may not make any sense, but for me, I intend to spend more time living and less time with a rectangular piece of glass and metal in my hand.


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