Sexual Frustration of Muslim Youth-Root Cause of Terrorism



We are bound to attract each other,if we are open and this is the only way to save Islam from fanatics,more Muslims make relationship with others more they become accepted.

Way to Muslim and non Muslim unity goes through more Muslim and non Muslim men and women chose each other to spend evenings.This is a decision that we all need to take sometime.

We can not live in same world and like some stupid communities bring 'religious faith' into normal human relationships.Muslims are fast becoming a suspicious community,thanks to no rebel  by Muslim youth against animalistic Religious philosophy of radical Muslims.

Muslims must know that before they begin to think whole world as enemy, world is being very kind to them and they are part of same human race,which is much older and mature than any Islam or Jewish faith.

Who are we to give this word of advise to Muslims?

Frankly we are all family-Islam or any other religious faith is nothing more than dresses we wear in different seasons-what is the use of religious philosophy it tells us that we are different than our brothers and sisters .Aren't we more mature than religious priests whose bread and butter depends upon our hate towards each other.

We can heal complete Muslim -Non Muslim misunderstanding ,if 100 Muslim Boys and Girls decide that they will spend time with each other and let the naturel responses flow among us.

We as human beings-are in this world only to manifest our desires- our only responsibility is to find our life purpose and practice all the beautiful ancient practices that gives us strength to be and create beauty in our thoughts,action and manifestation.

For a day,if we just chose to be naturel, we will not need  Politicians and priests to solve our problems.

Basically to manifest Peace and Happiness, we do not need any UNO peace summit-we just need to love each other -is it too much expect from our own self.

We need to stop reacting and begin to respond to differences between each other-even little children solve problems among themselves and so can we- as this is the only way to manifest our desired heaven-starting with not trying to think others as inferiors.

Very basic reason for violence in Muslim and other youth are sexual frustration arising after living in four walled societies-Let's break this wall and we will experience a blissful world without any stupid border.






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