Does Life sometimes haunt you, clinging securely?



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A short narrative relating to the Power of Hope! Be inspired! Read on!

Does Life sometimes haunt you, clinging securely like an unsolicited overcoat of unwanted sorrow?

Does it fit tightly like a second skin?

Does a thought of mortality, failed dreams and hopes deeply pervade your very soul?

Does the word disappointment encapsulate all of your emotional overtures?


We all through Life face great moments of terrible uncertainty, failure, and depression, lost love, unemployment, family disputes, bereavement and more – how we truly overcome, and shake off, Life’s thick overcoat of sometimes self-imposed sorrow: renews us, strengthens us, and washes over us with the soft inner breeze of our own divine sovereignty, magnificence and inner power.

If life slowly starts to haunt you, think of the most happiest you have ever felt — focus on it.  

For when you do, your bright Light of Hope will always seek to illuminate the creeping darkness — sending it back to the shadowy recesses of the mind where it belongs. By changing our thinking, we can sometimes change our lives.

Within this Life we lead — a life of constant duality, Spiritual scales of Justice containing essences of Light in one and Darkness in the other, unseen but always there, dominate our daily lives — silently affecting us day after day.

We are always fighting a never-ending battle with Darkness, it can either rule us or we can learn to conquer it with love, compassion, faith, empathy, kindness and friendship.

May you always be victorious!


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