The Fourth of July by Rhonda L. Jackson



The 4th of July

Of course I am going to write something about the Fourth of July. I love stories about slavery and I love movies I am amazed at the resilience of the human spirit in the mist of insurmountable odds! Surviving the middle passage was only the precursor of what awaited the Africans. Once these people arrived in America their lives fell into an abyss that nothing in Africa life could have prepared them. I salute the people who survived this consummate evil. June 19th or Juneteenth should be a national holiday because it acknowledges the resilience of people who persevered through impossible situations. This national holiday would go a long way in mending race relations in our country. It would remind everyone that Americans come in many skin colors and that the best America is mindful of this. Now July 4th is when Americans remember our independence from British rule. On July 4th 1776 Black people were still enslaved and would remain so for another 109 nine years! That's why WE as Americans need June 19th to be a national holiday because it includes everybody!! So I celebrate July 4th because I am an American but I celebrate June 19th because there was duress in my ancestors voyage here!!

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