Why Vote?-Just have a TV REALITY Show to elect President



Will Next president would like to END Terrorism? Read Why He will not?

Everyone is bothered about who'll win the Elections-no one is bothered of what the new President will do?

Whole Election campaign is like fight between two envious sex bombs of Hollywood .

If we are needed to chose one-why go for costly election process-just let any TV Channel do a REALITY SHOW and call all such Jokers who want to be presidents of USA.

Finally some day voters are needed to arise and tell Politicians and Parties to -

"Shut Up -We don't need you anymore-as you are same under CONSERVATIVE or DEMOCRATIC cover-Thank you for all your services-Now please get lost."

Democratic Politics everywhere in world started as symbol of equal opportunity in governance but today whether it is India or USA-It is a NO NO place for people who could really preside our society-it is a WWF ring for professional Politicians,who after every term get together and play ELECTION-ELECTION.

Whosoever you elect will not stop sending our children to fight battles,which are none of our business ,as it is the business of arms dealers ,who finance candidates and parties with right and to Terrorists from left hand-so no politician ever will be serious about ending wars and wars against Terrorists- Or Do you really think that something as flimsy Terrorist organization as ISIS can not be wiped away from face of Earth in 48 Hours-If US ,INDIAN ,RUSSIAN or CHINESE Army is really ordered to do so?

But Politicians wants CRISIS after CRISIS ,so that people are busy either dying or scared or discussing who is better politician and who is not?

OBAMA administration kept Funding PAKISTAN all these years even after finding OSAMA BIN LADEN in Pakistan and they call Pakistan- "Partners in war against Terror?

Is CIA,FBI, USA Foreign Ministry Blind?

can't they see- PAKISTAN is bigger threat than ISIS and they are funding 'future terrorists' while fighting against present ISIS?

So How can you accept something better from same old Hillary or new TRUMP,who instead of fighting a legal case, calls upon JUDGE as partial?


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