The Republican National Convention by Rhonda L. Jackson



The Republican National Convention

If you who know me know that I have been watching the Republican National Convention and BIZARRE sums it up in one word and I saw Clint Eastwood curse out an empty chair in 2012! I am beginning to think the only genuine moment of this convention is when Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama! Mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery and I believe Melania Trump is sincerely impressed by Michelle Obama! I mean why shouldn't she be? Michelle Obama is more than just intelligent, she is beautiful, she's just a couple of years older than Melania Trump so there's that older sister element, she has a superb sense of style, and she wears her clothes like a model, she is an amazing mother and wife and she's probably everything Melania Trump wishes she were!!! So Melania gets the opportunity to be Michelle Obama for one night of course Melania is going to do to do everything that will fulfill that fantasy! Too bad Melania didn't know the word PLAGIARISM and know one told her!! I really believe Melania Trump thought she was doing a good thing!!! Now back to the debacle that is the republican national convention. Donald Trump has been circling the convention like a gargoyle! He is such a narcissist!! I just wonder how will he make his entrance tonight? I have a suggestion. He should be lowered from the ceiling! Yeah, lowered from the ceiling on a swing while wearing a red spanx, with a white tutu, and blue fish net panty hose! He should wear 10" sparkling shoes while Aretha Franklin's NATURAL WOMAN or HELEN READY'S I AM WOMAN playing as background music!! I think this would play to the woman vote!!



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