Father's Day by Rhonda L. Jackson



Father's Day

I wrote something for Mother's Day so I think it is only befitting that I write something for Father's Day, too! First thing men have too many definitions of what makes a man. Just listen to a group of them talking and they tell each other frequently why this guy is or is not a real man. Woman are easier to define if you say you are a woman we (women in general) will accept you into our fold! But men are different! You have to behave in a certain way to be accepted by the guys. But the definition for a father is simple one. Just be fatherly and the child will accept you. So if your children are behaving as though you are their dad then accept that you fit the role. Now let me tell you why I call the man I call daddy. He worked and fed me, kept the lights on, a roof over my head and on my mother's birthday, Christmas, and Mother's Day he would give me money to buy her a gift. It sounds as though money is associated with all of the reasons I called him daddy but really money was the least of the reasons. He attended PTA meetings and football games and church plays and other stuff I am sure I have forgotten. Also I need to mention that this man was not there at my conception he came later! So while being a man maybe complicated being a father is relatively simple! So to all you guys that are being daddies to children HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

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