If you ever burned your finger



Nothing to do with burning your finger

If you have ever cooked a meal, the answer is probably yes! :) Then you have probably burned a finger.

If you have a family to feed you may have burned your finger many times, in different ways. 

Once on the fryer, once in the oven, once removing a lid from a pan.

Once on a hot spoon, once on a grill, once on hot food.

Once on a chip pan, once spilling kettle water, once on a broken handle.

You will think to yourself; next time I shall be more careful — for an injured finger can not write.


But if your mitten has a hole, you forget it. The mitten hangs over the oven and this is the cause of your pain. But your mitten is a part of your kitchen. You like the way it looks and leave it hanging above the oven. Each time you rush to take the meal from the oven, you burn your finger. If you allow yourself to be burned multiple times in the same place you will give yourself a scar. 

Moral of the story — get a new mitten.



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