GANGSTERS who converted Bangladesh into Terrorist Country



Exploited as Cheap sex Slaves ,Labor and Organ Supplier country Bangladesh is now fast transforming into Terrorist Country thanks to Indian, Pakistani Politicians and Gangsters and two criminal states of India,where Terrorism is a good business.

Bangladesh is a country brought to birth by one of the great Prime Ministers of India Indira Gandhi ,who against the pressure of USA and UNO divided Pakistan and created Bangladesh to give poor and exploited Bangla people a land of their own

As Historically Bangla people are known as best slaves under British and Moughal rule barring few brilliant Spiritual saints and leaders of Indian Freedom Struggle.

This is the land of Ramkrishna Paramhansa,Vivekanand and Subhash Chandra Bose and home to many many Leaders of Revolutionaries, who literally forced British Government to get out of country, which as per character divided Hindu and Muslims by agreeing to create PAKISTAN and spoil the harmony of South Asia Forever.

Being a illegitimate child of then selfish Congress Leaders, Gandhi and British Diplomats ,PAKISTAN was always a problem child. People in Pakistan are always victim of Inferiority Complex along with Indian Congress leaders ,who find a ready made vote bank in Indian Muslims ,if they keep on continuing British Policy of creating rift after rift between Indian and so called converted Muslims of Pakistan,basically blood line of India,Pakistan and Bangladesh is same, all are Indians with great Ancestors who created VEDA the elementary books of Modern Physical and Spiritual Sciences.

Politicians in all three countries have first allowed Underworld to operate from all 3 countries ,in return of assured Votes and money, so Bangladesh became supplier of Cheap Physical labor and sex slaves,whereas Pakistan became Terrorist Breeding ground for unwanted children of UAE based Billionaire Muslims ,who wanted to instill some kind of  Islamic Terror in  hearts of white world,especially USA.

Thus Born Terrorism on Land of great Spiritual endeavor and YOGA.

Immediately Fanatic Maulvi's from UAE and White hater raciest Muslim countries imported with loads of Petro Dollars and weapon dealer China.

This united Drugs from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Sex Slaves of Bangladesh and Mafia of India and provided opportunity to all of them to become holy warriors from two penny Pimps and Smugglers.

this is the History and Present of Islamic Terrorism in South Asia.

Now two Totally rusty states with criminal history and Drug addiction, PUNJAB and UP are Joining these gangsters to spread crime, flash trade and human trafficking on name of Terrorism, Having more than 55% youngsters as Drug addicts,Punjab is best bet to spread Terrorism and cherry on the cake is ruling political party BJP'S allied partners AKALI DAL leaders relatives are in deep business of drug smuggling from Pakistan thus making natural links with Terrorist Networks ,who produce Drugs in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

UP is famous historically to produce roug Bombs and pistols and supplying it to Pakistani Gangsters living now as Pakistani guests in ISI protection.

This makes the Terror network complete with lots of Stupid Muslim Youngsters to Bomb or mass murder innocent people in diplomatic enclaves and hotels, as these guys are traditionally jealous of Educated and successful English speaking Indians and Foreigners and always ready to kill them by branding them enemies of Islam.

[CRIMINAL BY CHOICE is dedicated to youngsters who wish to free from this South Asian Criminal Mud and Terror Syndication outlining the roots of Terrorism in this region spread across the world]

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