Living Cheap (and Green)



Escape the Rat-Race and re-discover what it's like to be Human

I'm no gardener, but those tomatoes and herbs above were grown in my humble backyard garden. The herbs were from seed packs that only cost a dollar; and the tomatoes were from seedlings that cost a couple of bucks. I've been eating lettuce, tomatoes, parsley, oregano, green peppers, jalapeño peppers, cabbage with corn on the way -- everyday!

The thing is, it's easy and inexpensive to grow your own food, and you really don't need a lot of space -- maybe about an 10' x 10' plot. And all you have to do, is to be willing to put in a little time weeding and watering -- plus, the internet is chock full of advice on planting, how to set up a garden, etc.

As for where to live, there are plenty of places in this country (even close to cities and transportation) where you can still buy a house with a yard in the $20,000 range or less. I'm serious! I bought a house for $16,000 and my mortgage, taxes and insurance (together) are only a little over $200 a month. Which is way less than the $650 I was paying to rent an apartment. Do some searching on one of those online real estate sites like Zillow and enter an area you are interested in, and then view the listings from cheapest first -- you'll be surprised what you find. --True, you'll get a lot of results in questionable neighborhoods or remote areas; but if you sort through, and do a little research, you'll discover a few diamonds in the rough.

The things I would look for (if it's not the greatest location) is whether the property is on a main road, well lit at night, next door to somewhat normal people, walking or hiking distance to a grocery store, doctor, etc. Again, I found one that meets all of those criteria for next to nothing.

Having a yard -- however small -- is key. Besides having the space for a garden, you can set up a grill and a couple of lounge chairs and enjoy the great outdoors.

As for keeping the costs down, consider a wood-burning stove and a couple of solar panels to keep the utility bills low. Also, use a rain barrel to collect water for your garden, so you save on your water bill.

All you need to do is to earn enough money to pay your small mortgage, utilities, internet and to buy necessary personal items -- probably less than $500. A part-time job, or doing or selling something over the internet should cover that. And with that low of an income, you qualify for free health care and food stamps. And hey, why not? The government bailed out the banks to the tune of billions -- if not trillions -- of dollars with taxpayer money; I say that qualifies us for a few table scraps.

The question you have to ask yourself is, do you want to be a wage-slave with debt-stress for your entire life; or would you rather live free and experience the joy of being human. I mean, who knows how much time we've got left on this planet, with all the insanity going on with wars, politicians, the climate, and dumbed-down populous that seems to be at each us other's throats constantly.

Anyway, that's what I did.

Here's a song I wrote that has nothing to do with this, but it's a good tune:




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