Wake up Muslims-before you are all labeled as TERRORIST



Muslims need to be grateful to world- where they are being treated as human and stop playing as victims-Islam must trash false DOCTRINES and teachings. [From the Author of- "Criminal by Choice"]



Global Muslim community must understand the need to come out of their narrow borders and reform themselves as a community-before events after events prove them terrorists.

Its a wonder that top Muslim religious Leaders in Macca and Madina and all over never even criticize or make any efforts to stop Terrorist Ideology spreading like AIDS in Muslim youth.

World is amazingly tolerant in dealing with Muslim and they are being given refuge all over the world.

When world is fast moving towards 'global citizenship'-Muslims all over world either fighting among themselves or with others.

From Pakistan to Syria,most Muslim countries are simply fighting 'home wars' and one family is fighting with other Muslim family.

Believe it or not-those who kill on name of Islam must be separated from true Muslims-Why Islamic religious Organizations do not declare such Criminals as "KAFIR".

Before world is forced to make Muslims wear identification badges- this community must seriously adopt ideals of being 'human'-or tragedy against all Muslims  awaited.

It is sad that community of such beautiful and prayerful people can go so wrong in adopting human values.



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