Western Medicine by Rhonda L. Jackson



western medicine


I believe that Western Medicine is the most creative and comprehensive medicine in the world BUT Western Medicine started to compromise in the 1980's and now Western Medicine has lost the right to our implicit trust!!! The United States of America is a great country arguably the best country on the face of the earth but our healthcare is so jeopardized!!!! We as Americans are sicker now than people of so called third world countries. We pay more for medicine and healthcare but we get compromised healthcare!!! The problem is greed!!! Our healthcare system started to behave like prostitutes in the 1980!! First they climbed in bed with health insurance companies and when that did not pan out as anticipated they climbed in bed with big pharma and that proved more profitable! For the trinkets handed out by big pharma our doctors (with the blessings of the AMA) and our government sold America out!!! I don't care if you think you have excellent coverage from your health insurance company you are being doped!! I first realized this in 1990's! I had a mole on an inconspicuous part of my body and I wanted mole removed. I had health insurance through my company so I went to a dermatologist to remove it! It took me nine months for the insurance company to ok this minor surgery. I think the health insurance company was waiting for me to get sick and die!!! I finally got a benign (tag) mole removed!! Now there are many doctors who are having to find something else to do to earn a living! RN have already been scaled back and replaced! Healthcare in America could prosper and grow exponentially without antiquated greedy health insurance companies and it is time WESTERN MEDICINE says this out loud!!! It is time WESTERN MEDICINE STOP COWERING TO THE DICTATES OF HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES AND BIG PHARMA!!! It is time for Western Medicine to care more about patient care!!!





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