Global Citizenship is a JOKE if we can't live in own family



If We can't live together with Parents,wife,children,community-What makes us think that we can manifest world as Global village-Let's first learn to live with our own SELF.

Every Stupid politician ,his mothers and fathers are either speaking about making a Fortified Nation banned for immigrants or talking about "Global Unification".

There is a simple logic- If you can't live together in love with your wife,children,parents what makes you think that you'll achieve 'Global unity' and this is the exact reason that 'Global Village' is still a concept and not any closer to reality- We must be immensely grateful here for Internet and Social Media which connected and made us realize that we all are same beyond our narrow borders of Nationality.

We must learn first to live in gratitude with our own self.

Then try to be in gratitude with people around you.

Then feel one with community,family and 'work' you are blessed with.

Then your nationalist ideals and civilization.

If you feel unity and spirit of 'giving here'-you will not only create your 'world' but you'll also be one with what is known as Global Unity.

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