The texting series part 1— For Jelous People



I don't believe in labeling people as anything, everyone, even if only in childhood must have experienced jealousy — until that is they learn not to, to label someone jealous does not help their growth, we are all just people

This is short, It isn't a blog, I simply took it from a text which I wrote to someone —   I figured I might as well make some use of the texts I write, since my heart and energy (or passion if you like) is in every word I write, and speak so this is the first of what I will call the texting series, full anonymity is given — don't worry friends ;)  


Statement (briefly) by the other individual — '' My friend sent me a text that stated they where Jelous of my work because they are not as successful as me'' 


I would personally respond to your friend in this manner;  ''To be happy is to learn how to live in the space of unconditional love, which means love for all people as equally as is possible, like the kind of love or light one might imagine god to have. The more you practice this the more you will radiate positivity, the more positivity one radiates the more it will be reflected back to yourself. Critically success is not about subscribers, or about how high up one might be on the materialistic ladder,  it is about how much you enjoy what you are doing. Your thoughts are electrical impulses, they are therefore energy and energy can only be converted. Ask yourself, do you want to radiate happiness, or sadness? Subsequently be careful what you think. When one is thinking the cerebrum/ the largest part of the brain is utilized, this is the part of us that controls voluntary movement. The ''subconscious mind'' is also thought to operate in this area of the brain. We do not think about running for long if we decide to run for fun in a game of tig, or if we decide to jump and catch a bubble, it is subconscious. Most of what we do we do not consciously think about unless we are forced to look into our thoughts. For example to know if we are impacting ourselves and other people in either a positive or negative manner, what we put out is reflected to us, be it ''good, or bad''. For example we might shout when we are mad, anger rarely causes the victim of an outburst to understand, but the anger often comes from wanting to be understood. If we make the other cry, then we feel bad. Still it is not conscious, people don't generally think — I am mad I want to make you sad, it just happens. I would then encourage your friend to ask them to please try to become aware of his thoughts because when we  think in a jealous state, if you really look at what it brings into your life you will find it doesn't serve you, and with work you can rid yourself of this negative emotion. If you are alive you are growing, if you are growing you are learning, so you can learn to change for the better if you become aware of yourself.     


Then, I would tell them how I worked to get where I was because if someone is telling you they are jealous of where you are, then they do not know themselves how to get there — so why not help them?  

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