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I am getting real tired of this

 Inside of every woman, man, and child is a basic knowing that God does exist.


I have been reading blog posts and I am getting really tired of seeing this-Prove there is a God.


So I am saying-Prove to me there is no God.


These unbelievers say religion is a myth and it is causing all the troubles in this World.


It is not religion that causes trouble.

It is sin.

What is sin?


Sin is doing wrong or evil and separation for God.


St. Thomas Aquinas said he had proved there is a God and  He is the first cause of everything.


If you look at the Universe, no human created this.



I see the beauty of the oceans and there are billions of planets and stars and no human created any of it.


Some people say, we are God. Wrong again. We were made in the image of God.


How can God allow such suffering like small children having cancer?


I do not know but I know He is more concerned with our souls and spiritual matters including eternity.

You are a mortal and will die. Where will you spend eternity?

By faith alone we are saved.

Jesus said, I am the way-the truth and the life-No man comes to the Father but by Me. The Jews gave us Gods laws and many of their people saw God. That is why they are called His chosen people. They saw him.

A convert has not seen-but did believe so God accepts them.


So I asked a minister how can Jews and Muslims get into Heaven.

He said only by God's grace.

I believe there are many gods like the Hindus believe. Theirs is a peaceful one. I like that.



Stop blaming religion for mankind's greed, jealousy and coveting.


Stop blaming religion for mankind's evil nature. Mankind has a good side to.


We have choices . Prove to me there is no God.




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