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For Mid-level career professionals!

“I am a successful Sales Professional but I am bored of playing in the Minors league now. I want to play the Majors league. It’s been more than ten years I have been in Sales and I have been the Sales Person of the Year thrice in a row. Everybody says that I am just the best but my seniors do not promote me even after knowing that I am immensely talented. In the initial days of my career, I tried to trick my mind by making it believe that may be I am not that good, maybe I need to learn more, maybe I do not have enough talent to be the CEO of a firm but as the time is passing by, it is getting difficult to deceive myself and I am cracking up each day!”

James is a successful salesperson who just likes to work his way out at everything. He is a mid-senior level professional but finds it difficult to climb up the Professional Ladder. The frustration reaches a new high each day as the value of currency depreciates and his peers who are not even his 10% climb up the ladder easily and quickly. He has a very strong work ethic but does not know where is he going wrong! And this is not just the case of James but many others who have been working in industry for far too long. I happened to discuss this with a very dear friend of mine and while he did not say anything new, he made sure he showed me a very different angle to the situation. He said that generally people take far too long to realize that it is not just the initial overs or the last overs in a cricket match that help win it but the overs that fall in the middle which means playing overs between 10 and 40 is much harder and important in order to win the match. These are the overs that take the most from you and help you become a sportsperson that you are! The initial 10 overs are power-play and the batsman can hit boundaries easily but the batsman will be able to hit boundaries in the last 10 overs only when there are enough wickets left during the last 10 overs. Thus in any career, playing the middle overs wisely is far more important and crucial because these middle overs will help creating a further better score and take you from the position of weakness to the position of strength.

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