Western Medicine by Rhonda L. Jackson



Western Medicine

With all of the rhetoric going on about the shootings of last week decided to take a break from the discussion also I don't have any new to say sooooo... Anyway, I need to talk about western medicine and I do have new observations to make about it!! Is it just me or is cancer becoming more common in America? Why? Well I have my opinion. The president of the United States of America asked his Vice President Joe Biden to head up a task force to find way to eradicate cancer! This tells me two things 1.) cancer can be eradicated and 2.) I'm not imagining the increased frequency of cancer. I listen to advertising of the medicines for treatment of other illnesses and to many of these medications and as a side affect many of the medicine may cause CANCER!! So I am taking a medicine to lower my blood pressure, for example, now this medicine will NEVER CURE MY HYPERTENTION, NEVER!!! It only mitigates my symptoms for a while, MAYBE!! There will be side affects and one these side affects could be lymphoma! So I take this medicine for my hypertension it will probably do more harm than good. I can't just stop taking this medicine because it has a rebound effect meaning if you stop taking the medicine abruptly your blood pressure sky rockets killing you instantly!! The medicine can be extremely costly it will NEVER CURE YOUR HYPERTENTION AND IT MAY CAUSE YOU TO GET CANCER!! One last thing, Big Pharma has bought the AMA so this is the only treatment your doctor can offer even if he or she knows a better treatment!!!

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