The United States and the H B omb.



Women in power.

         America has a new H  Bomb, but do they have the courage to vote Hillary Clinton into the White House.
I wouldn’t want a woman bus driver any more than i would want a male nanny, some jobs are just sacred.

A male Midwife or a male  Beautician are just wrong.

The flip side of this according to the L.A Times, is that women simply are not equipped for the stress of modern capitalism.
After analyzing data on nearly 140,000 workers from three continents, researchers found that those with high-strain jobs were 22% more likely than their peers to suffer a stroke. The risk was particularly acute for women, who were 33% more likely to have a stroke if their jobs fell into this most stressful category.

Having lived in a country that had a woman leader, Prime Minister Margret Thatcher, i can confirm there survey and it's findings to be a large crock of excrement.

I can honestly say i found Margret Thatchers tenure and most of her policies abhorrent, that however, would at no time stop me from acknowledging her tenacity, balls and self belief.
Not for nothing did the press christened her the " iron lady "

In April 1982, Argentina invaded the British-ruled Falkland Islands. The Foreign Office wanted a peaceful settlement, but Thatcher disagreed.

Like her hero Churchill, Thatcher was adamant that Britain would not give in to foreign aggression. In a matter of days she sent a force to expel the Argentinian army. During the conflict 649 Argentine soldiers and 255 British troops lost their lives. After 10 weeks of fighting the islands were retaken and an Argentinian white flag flew over the capital Fort Stanley. As a result her popularity with the public soared and she gained respect and strength abroad.

In response to planned pit closures, miners union leader Arthur Scargill ordered a strike, threatening Britain's power supply. Thatcher stood firm. Mrs Thatcher refused to bow under pressure. She stockpiled coal at power stations and deployed the police to break picket lines. After 12 months the miners were defeated and returned to work. The trade union movement was greatly weakened. Thatcher’s actions were supported by her party and the British Establishment. However she became a hate figure among many working class communities.

In 1984, at the Conservative Party Conference in Brighton, Margaret Thatcher narrowly survived the IRA bombing of her hotel.Five people died and 34 were injured. Mrs Thatcher was adamant the conference should carry on. The next morning she condemned the bombers in her conference speech.

After winning a third General election in 1987, Thatcher introduced the Poll Tax. This proved to be a huge political mistake,  an overbearing attitude lost Margaret Thatcher support within her own party. The poll tax, which charged per head, regardless of a persons ability to pay, was hugely condemned.

And so it was her colleagues after years of chastening that eventually turned on her, she was forced to resign.

Whether Hillary Clinton will make a good leader only time will tell, she certainly has her share of male and female critics, but the fact that she's a born survivor, with a hide a tough as Granite ,makes her a serious candidate. She's known her share of controversy,  yet still remains in contention, if she had balls, they would be as big as the house.

In years to come hopefully The US will have a Gay President,  Hispanic President. Asian President, then the land of the free, will have truly made it's way home.

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