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An article on success, value, and true happiness in today's world. Dare to be different!


We are so misled in life by the brainwashing. Mass media defines what success, happiness, and value are. We believe that if we adorn ourselves in a fashion, act a certain way, pretend to like the things the majority likes, we will feel as if we are more important and part of an exclusive social hierarchy. We must make a certain amount of money, have special degrees, and wear certain clothes in order to be considered successful.

Reality- You have shown yourself to be easily manipulated, nothing more.

You bought a dream. The snake oil salesmen are everywhere ready to convince you of what you need to be complete. Only to buy their elixir of air and end up the same person as always with someone else's dream strapped to your back.

We define ourselves by a standard of the average, a standard that is median at best so that it may be marketable to as much of the population as possible. It is true of advertising, politics, religions. Their goal is convince the most amount of people to believe in them. Congratulations, we are a C average society.

True success is accomplishing that which you wish to do. Nothing more, nothing less. It is not a dollar sign, tax bracket, or special club. A billionaire is thought successful, while mentally dealing with the same struggles inside as a poor man. A drug addict who gets sober not only feels successful, they also hold a great amount of happiness for their life. Nothing of value is ever gained when there is no threat of personal loss if it fails. A millionaire gambling the stock market is not thinking this is valuable. It is a game. The sheep mind sees this as value and slaves to be as the millionaire. You would stake your entire happiness on a piece of paper? Material objects are meaningless to a dying man. Yet, each day we all approach closer to death and still believe our lives will be judged by the amount of stuff we acquired.

Think about this a moment. Do we remember any great figure from history because they had a lot of money? No. But, we speak of thousands who most likely struggled their whole lives yet were able to change societies, ideologies, and human kind in general. They did what they were able to do well, to the best of their ability, with full passion and belief in their work.

When we do this in our own lives we gain true happiness. If we procrastinate and say tomorrow it will be done, we live miserably. We are depressed. We feel like we are failing. We worry, lose sleep, and look in every direction for any direction. We have failed, but only ourselves. We know we could meet death any second and each day that passes with us living for every reason but our own we are burning our own souls.

Heal yourself!

Do whatever it is that you are good at and find true pleasure doing. Even if it is only for a short bit you will feel great personal rewards in knowing the day did not go with your true dreams being ignored. Live moments each day for yourself and find out how successful, valuable, and happy your life will become.


A Philosopher Of Freedom.

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