The Clash of Cultures



It's becoming more and more apparent that the humans inhabiting this planet are becoming more territorial and tribal despite this being the "information age."

For a while there, we (the peoples of the world), we're on a path of peace and understanding -- post the Vietnam War, Civil Rights and Feminism movements, the end of Apartheid in South Africa, the reunification of East and West Berlin, positive changes in Russia, China, etc.  There seemed to be a growing commonality of culture -- especially among younger people -- through pop music and art, and particularly brought on through the advent of the internet.

Then, about 10 years ago, around the same time that social media and smartphones started to become ubiquitous, everything began to unravel. Logically, one would expect the complete opposite outcome to have occurred, given the instantaneous dissemination of information and the ability for people from all parts of the planet to share their thoughts, experiences and photos; but that was not the case.

What happened was, pandora's box was opened. People from different economic, social, political, religious  and cultural backgrounds were now bombarded with images of how other people lived. The reaction was one of shock, anger, disbelief, envy and hatred. Now obviously, this wasn't the case for everyone; but clearly it was the case for a growing majority.

The poor wanted the lifestyles that the wealthy had. The religious zealots couldn't believe the overt "sinning" of the "infidels." The unhappy couldn't stand to see all those happy selfie faces. Those in cold climates wanted to be warm (and vice-versa), while people without cars wanted SUVs. It seemed everyone coveted what the other person had, whether it was practical or not to have or get it.

Of course this does not paint a great picture of humanity; but that gets us to the crux of the matter. The natural order of things was disrupted by a technology so advanced and out of place, that it had de-humanizing effects on a massive scale. Couple this with a powerful corporate media feeding a consumerism frenzy through advertising and marketing, and you end up with a clash of civilizations and cultures never before seen on this planet -- especially on such a global scale.

Now that's not to say that there aren't beautiful people doing wonderful things and living in peace and harmony with one another. To be sure, there is good to be found on every corner of the planet. But the reality is, which each passing day, those individuals are becoming more and more of a minority.

All you have to do is watch, read or listen to the news for five minutes and you'll see hard lines that people have drawn between themselves. Whether it's Europe or the U.S., or the Middle East or South America, South East Asia, Africa, and of course let's not forget Russia. We've become polarized on practically every issue, whether it's Christianity versus Islam, nationalism versus globalism, racism, climate fanaticism, politics -- hell, even sports teams -- and that's no laughing matter -- because competition was one of the contributing factors to this current state of being.

Now there are some reading this that will say it is the fault of the globalists or populists. The Obamas and Clintons versus Trump, etc. But they are ALL dead wrong; and quite frankly, prove my point precisely. Everyone is choosing sides; and not only are they aligning with one camp or another; but they are determined to do everything they can to completely destroy and obliterate the other. The level of hatred among political parties, races, religions and even entire countries is more than out of control, it is pure insanity and well beyond fixing.

At the same time, all of this hatred and polarity is being fed by the media -- not because they want global war that ends with the last two people strangling each other's throats; no they don't look that far in advance. The media wants to create "binge-worthy" news so they can sell more ads and make more profit for their corporate shareholders. And, if you ask a reporter about this, they'll laugh at you. That's called cognitive dissonance -- they don't want to accept that they're contributing to the downfall of civilization as we know it.

Now while all of this is happening, we hear of more life-changing technologies that will save lives and the planet. I'm sorry to report, we won't last long enough to see any of that -- at least not 98 percent of the over seven billion people on the Earth won't.

I hope I ruined your day. Because it is people like you who watch the news and believe the lies the media weaves and spins that are responsible for the extinction of mankind. You people obsessed with believing that your ideology is right, your political party is right, and YOU are right. Thanks a billion!

It's too late to change the course of human events. The best you can do is to remove yourself as much as possible from the debates, protests, news, politics and philosophical arguments. Hold on to your humanity -- as fleeting as it may be. Pursue a life of health and happiness and kindness to your fellow human beings. Because this house of cards is going to fall -- sooner than later -- and when it's all over, the only thing you'll have left is your humanity; if you haven't lost it already.

Good luck!


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