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Disclaimer: I am not a medical or sports science professional. Everything I write is based on my personal experience and knowledge, in the hope that it helps people like myself who are interested in learning about the hows and whys of keeping fit. Nothing I will write in any of my health and fitness blogs is intended to replace professional help, diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. If you feel unwell in yourself, you should seek a GP, doctor, or Psychiatrist.   

You have what it takes!  - or you DAMN SURE should start to tell yourself so. Tell yourself in the morning. Tell yourself in the daytime.... On the bus, or at your Nan's...

In the middle of class,..........

In the middle of your dreams if you have to!! — But you must believe in yourself.

You have to know you can be fit. Not everyone is as fit as they would be comfortable with, and no matter how fit we are, there is always room for improvement. If we are doing anything to improve our health then we are growing. If we work on growth we are working to live, rather than living to work. I want inspire those who are already fit to keep going, but better yet to motivate those like me who are not yet working at their own bodies optimum to get — and to keep it crackalackin!

To start of with we might want to ask ourselves, am I fit? How might we know if we are fit....

If we are not fit we may experience any of the following; tiredness, overweight, underweight, pain in the body, depression, lack of motivation, shortness of breath, stress, low self esteem, negative thinking — the list is more extensive — but these are all common ones. Even if we do not experience any of these symptoms, we will most likley know if we are out of shape. If you are unsure try to complete one mental and one physical activity which we used to be able to do. Are you able to even do half of what it was you used to? — no?.... then do not worry. You can still be fitter than you are now. All it takes is the right mental attitude, and a little bit of work.  

If you where fit, but you are not now, does that even matter? 

Well yes... And no...

The no comes in with relevance to how age naturally reduces the optimum fitness of the body, for example the lung capacity decreases, and the body's system of cell renewal starts to deteriorate. 

But yes for many more reasons actually... 

No matter what we do to stay alive, be it an athletic job, an office job, or stacking shelves at Homebase, being fit is the most important part of being alive. Fit people are generally happier than their unfit counterparts, because they are able to function better. (full stop) 

It is no surprise that when people are younger people are often healthier. All natural aging reasons aside, children are born with less exposure time to common toxins. By toxins I don't just mean common drugs, I am implicating common dietary foods which can mimic drugs both in adverse health effect, and in addictiveness. Children are better at regulating their dietary requirements. Schools provide healthy meals (which varies depending on the country) and children are provided with healthy meals at home (which varies depending on the socio/economic background). Chlidren are less likley to misuse drugs.

Also Importantly...

Children are more physically active. They are active because it is FUN to them. As we get older we have more responsibility. We may find ourselves conditioned to find reward in completing what is required to provision for ourselves (work/ housework/study). Even worse we may feel trapped by the monotony of working life, and tired out by excessive work load. There is little perceived time for many adults to find time adding a fitness regime into their daytime. I say perceived because it actually does not take a lot of time, compared to how much time we have in a day to actually be a healthy level of active. 

For those of you who like the law of attraction...

We may be tricking ourselves into thinking we don't need to do anything to keep fit, if we subconsciously feel that getting fit is not fun then we are not going to want to motivate ourselves. This is where law of attraction can be applied to fitness.... 

As infants, almost everyone finds joy in fitness, and rightly so — since regular exercise, for many reasons, paths the way towards internal happiness. Yes! children love to be active! — until they perceive a reason not to. This can happen at any age, but of course the less active you are the more inactive you become. If the reason you stopped healthy habit's was because you perceived them as work, or something that was a threat to your comfort, then the negative ''law of attraction'' kicks in. 

What I mean is if you started being unfit, you will likley become more unfit, and think less of fitness until either:

A: You realise how your lack of self care impacts yourself negatively and make positive changes before you get to to the stage where you feel it's too late.

or B: You feel it's too late to try

If you are at stage B — You're wrong!

No matter how unfit you have become you are more than capable of getting back into shape. Like attracts like. If you get the ball rolling, and make sure to remind yourself how good you can feel each time you start to push yourself towards the ''healthier'' direction, it becomes easier and easier day by day. 

If you don't think you have what it takes there are lots of things you can do to convince yourself. You absolutely must believe that you can- but if you don't... I BELEIVE IN YOU!!! You can start off reading about getting fit. You can watch videos, and Join fitness classes.

Joining Fitness groups helps with motivation — The most motivating fitness group I know of in my area is here. If you would like more motivation  - Check these guys out!!!




From the third blog onward I will be hoping to give some insight into how to be healthier, starting with small steps. My next blog will look at the basics of what it takes to be fit, and how we can incorporate these things into our everyday lives.

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