So look at the mirror .. You See only an appearance.. You think about your hair , face , clothes .. Only this.. You say "How wonderful i'm" .. But then wearing your pyjamas looking at yourself in the mirror again .. You See such a tired face after a long day .. You See new details .. Focus on them , Why didn't You See these things before? You know Why? Cuz You only focus on your appearance ... You focus on what society can see.. But what about you? Why don't you think about yourself before? 
Let's see something else .. Who loves You in this society you're thinking about? Who wants to please You ? Who's thinking about You? How many times a heart can Be broken ? How many times people leave You? 
Are You hurted? Yes. Of course . You believed them .. You gave them more than they deserve.. They don't even deserve nothing .. Million friends .. They have ... No one You have ! You are their Free time .. But You only live once .. Make some friends .. But no !! They are arround You but You can't See them cuz You want those who doesn't care about You .. Humans have this way of thinking .. But they have that monster inside them .. And they are always afraid of it .. Because it's dangerous ... It's running in your blood.. It's making afraid of everything ..The city is full of faces that You have never seen .. But who knows maybe they are going to Be known faces for you .. But You need to make sure ! You still don't know yourself .. But each day you'll discover a new part ..

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