"Do you need a builder?"



Endless reality shows focussing on celebrity hungry individuals, in moment of clarity, an inspired epiphany if you may – I thought — why not bring back a type of Auf Wierdersehen Pet within our first major project.

Hi everyone.

My name is John Duffy the managing director of ASY Productions.

After spending 20+ years in the construction industry and witnessing sometimes unbelievable and funny situations, with the decline of real undiluted humour on our now saturated television screens, with pointless cooking shows, which no one really attempts. (My opinion before the comments start! :)

Endless reality shows focussing on celebrity hungry individuals, in moment of clarity, an inspired epiphany if you may – I thought — why not bring back a type of Auf Wierdersehen Pet within our first major project.

An Auf Wierdersehen Pet for the 21st Centaury!

A collection of tales of today’s modern life focussing on the impact of builders of ill repute taking or been taking advantage of by clients, the associated industries linked to it such as the butty bar girls, suppliers, cafes and whatever else we deem credible, and all held together firmly by good old fashioned working class humour.

Scripts to make comedy worth watching on television once again.

It is the foundation of ASY Productions; our executive mission statement is to bring an inspired form of comedy back to the big screen

Saucy, salacious and but always funny!

“Let’s get it on telly!”

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As an avid viewer of that square box we all refer to as the television for many a year, it suddenly struck others and me, how neglected real comedy has become.

With the constant need of production companies to submit really to say politely, mundane shows to the Big 5 who then give it to us, the viewing public, we all came to the common consensus, television shows are simply re-enactments of life – why don’t we as credible writers and also bestowed with a fantastic sense of humour and based on real life events — create our own concept for film and television and pitch the Big 5!

If we can sit and watch Hairy Builder on BBC for 30mins, I am sure we can usurp that creation.

Our first project is simply focused on working class humour with a rather unique log line –

“Builders of ill repute steals clients forbidden fruit.”

A collection of narratives relating what really goes on when the builders are in!

They are saucy, salacious and vivacious!

Throw some dark humour in and you have – “Do you need a Builder?”

It’s a whole new world out there and sometimes you just have to go out and climb a few mountains until you reach the summit.

Want to be a part of something inspired, get your climbing boots on and join us!

We will be building our reputation to the public via inspired and saucy, salacious and vivacious showreels.

Here is our first promo showreel with the very enticing Estelle Long playing a seductive housewife – yes, this does happen!


 Click here for the clip on Youtube

 You would be very surprised.

Years of marriage or with a partner who through complacency, forgets how attractive their partner is and throw in some hunky cheeky builders!

What could possible happen!

We are creating a new concept in television based around what seems to be missing — raw undiluted comedy.

From losing Shameless to the US, and the endless parade of cooking and other now dated television formats, the television landscape is ready for something new.

We have previously pitched Channel 4 and were invited for a meeting in Newcastle to further discuss the concept, but due to internal factors at the time, the meeting was simply reschedule for when we are ready.

We are ready now!

Auf Wierdersehen Pet for the 21st Century.

A new comedy series with elements of Shameless with links to the construction and associated industries.

Our passion is simply to bring laughter into a saturated television marketplace of relentless reality shows, cooking programmes and other mundane shows.

We know that you want laughter, fun, humour and above all undiluted comedy!

Saucy, salacious and outrageous!

A new concept in creating comedy for those wanting the same as us!

#comedy for adults!

As Werner Herzog once said – “All that counts is real life!”

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Thank for reading so far!




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