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Our purpose is revealed in our daily struggles, loves and laughs. We are a product of the tricks of the universe. .

I am a bit convinced that we are, rather our lives are, a product of the tricks of the universe. I say a bit, simply because I do not have enough years to my life CV to make a definite statement. I however am absolutely convinced that there is a magic element to life, one that is somewhat abstract and too cool to fly nakedly among us. I have to use the word 'tricks' because the word 'unfoldings' does not do justice to the word magic. By universe, I mean energy, higher power, mystery, supernatural ect, you get the pattern.

The mere fact that we are not really in control of everything that occurs in our lives should make us aware that the universe unfolds as it wants. The fact that were often surprised and tested reveals that higher forces live in and around us, we are not alone and neither we are the epitome or the very  highest creatures in creation, I however believe we are very important; very important for without us there would be no magic.

Blessings, illusions, unexplainable feelings, instincts, intuition, miracles, dreams and spiritual revelations among other things are some servants/partners of this magic. Mind you, this magic is not all friendly, it can be rather aggressive but its not all deceptive  either, it is also enlightening in its nature. In the end it aims to enhance perception and awareness I believe. If you have ever been enveloped in an illusion (This is not when your blessor runs out of money when you actually thought he would have it forever or when your bright idea is not really bright afterall. NO! I mean an internal testing illusion that actually breaks your perception into crumbs) or in a mysterious path/ phase, where life truly reveals its not so smiley side. In such instances, we realise that it is not always as it seems; that there is often more to anything than meets the eye. Once you have seen beyond the window, once you have tapped into the river beneath the river, you realise that we are swimming in tricky waters without even being aware of it. We are constantly colliding with unseen forces, internally and externally, in our minds and hearts, in the minds and hearts of others that are performing tricks  which are either for or against us.

When I take a bit of a closer look, I am convinced that there is magic to life, which is both ugly and beautiful and it will never stop whether we are aware of it or not, it plays us as it should, so that there will be progressive continuation. Without this magic, we will fall flat to complete misery, not to hard misery as we all sometimes experience, which in my opinion is far better than complete misery. We would be dull and remote, colourless with no backbone, with no hope for anything, more lost and confused, more numb and resentful with no sense of appreciation. We would be in real real real shit.

I believe decieved minds come as a result of tricks from the unseen world, so do enlightened minds. So where do you and I fit in the magician story and its tricks: Perception and Response (action, understanding, behaviour and level of awareness); that is what the universe needs from us. I personally think we will always be fool to the tricks because we are naturally vulnerable and are greatly limited in seeing beyond the physical unless gifted accordingly in the spirtual realm of this life. The magician knows what we know not and sees we see not, always one step ahead. Experience and lessons make us less vulnerable though, we learn how to dance around the tricks as we grow but I am not sure if we will ever be free from the magicians hand.

In essence,its a beautiful world, with beautiful ppl (by this I mean ideas, characters, personalities, inventions ect).The scenery is breathtaking, earth is beautiful. The love, where it can be found is a cushion to falling hearts, hope is a pillar to tired souls, we are not in doom here, we are in 'life". There is a lot to live for, to look forward to, it is a beautiful world, life is precious. It is to be accepted, treasured, enjoyed, honoured and respected.  My point is that: In all the beauty lies the magic and in the magic lies the beauty. We live what we focus on, life can be beautiful, we have already established that it can be hard but have we established enough that it can be extremely wonderful?, probably, maybe not. Lets focus on the beautiful tricks a lot more often. Fear, loss, anger, blindness, hate, jealousy, refusal to accept/letgo ot forgive, bitterness, sexual immorality, false security greed, envy, vanity, financial worship and disguised poverty of the mind and soul seem to be the thieves of much needed soulwork and soul growth; the above mentioned are all products of tricks, they are actually products of not responding accordingly to the tricks,  we are in trouble though!

What is my point? you ask. It is that the mind is a powerful tool, that there is beauty in the tricks as stupid and vulnerable as they make us feel and most importantly that there is PURPOSE in these tricks, they are for us, to refine and groom us. Life and the magician will not change its hard and 'unfair' ways just to cushion us, we are special yes, but if we get our way, life will not be life, we will not evolve. The principles do not change. it is what it is, but experience, love, hope and faith were made to make it easier for us; let us share that then because we cannot escape from the hard, we might as well help each other make it bearable. No transformation or technology will exempt us from being tricked, nope! We just need to respond accordingly.

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