Frustrations with WordPress



My first post is going to have to be a rant. I hate it, but this is how it is.

I really hate that my first post here is going to be a rant, but then again, I'm not. I love that there is a spot specifically for opinions, and I can use it freely. I've not been a ranter on paper much, so this should be fun, relieving, and probably pretty humorous. Let's see how it goes. 

So, I have attempted to create a blog with WordPress, several times. For one reason or another, creating a free account (which I as a broke writer at the moment thought would be a wonderful way to get started), has been a thorn in my side. I went around it and set myself up with a really sweet hosting service and built a pretty damn unique website that I love. Now, it had the option to create using WordPress, but I decided I wanted super custom, so I avoided using it. Then I needed a blog. WordPress was obviously the best option, so I tried again. Having built a site from scratch, I thought maybe I would be able to understand the WP system a bit better, and...I was right. I set up my free account, created a nice looking blog that almost matches my website perfectly. It's on WP, and my host uses WP so I should be able to link them easy peasy, right?

So totally wrong! I did not create the blog with their WP, and even if I had, they wanted me to use WP to create the entire website and have a blog page in it.  I can't link the two together. At least not in a few clicks. I'm so mad right now I could spit (something I never ever do) and although I will probably do as I did tonight, copy and paste my first blog post into a blog placeholder on my website until I can sit for hours tomorrow finding a work around. 

It just irritates me. Everyone that I talk to and over half the blog posts that I see are WP sites, I can't make them work for me. 

Anyone else feel this frustration, maybe have any suggestions? Changing my website isn't an option as I've already paid for the domain for a year and for the website for the next 3 months. Sending explosives in an envelope is not an option either. I have considered it, but I digress. I am more passive than that. I am that angry though. 

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