Addictions Of The Heart



           I have learned by watching and listening in life to that which I see and hear. I have seen and heard many things. The question depends on what have I learned? I have seen the seasons change...

           I have learned by watching and listening in life to that which I see and hear. I have seen and heard many things. The question depends on what have I learned? I have seen the seasons change as the years roll slowly by. The course of evolution in all things can be quite slow. I have learned all things are eternal whether we see or hear them. To say racism is here today and gone tomorrow is the ignorance of time from fools who do not understand. All things are eternal.

          It was a dream quite a few years back when I awoke to an echo of the past. I tried to write that dream a second time but failed. I asked myself why? It was then I realized the dream had changed. A new direction was being created by the writers of the moment. Those who lead as those who see and listen. My heart felt heavy as I thought to myself. Had I written well the words of wisdom that I would want others to see and hear? I knew I had but it made no difference except in the hearts of those I touched. I also knew the reason I had touched those hearts.

        A heart is easy to touch when you look in to a mirror. For what you see is the reflection of your own soul. As I sat there staring in to the mirror at that moment in time. That was when I realized the reason I touched there hearts so easily. We carried the same heart. We had heard and seen the same things. We where raised on the same addiction in time of old hearts being taught again. I smiled in the mirror. I knew they where good hearts and the addiction was ok.

        Then I thought of all the other addictions of the heart that where not so good. How would I walk through those echo's in time of bad addictions and not be burned by the raging hot fire that awaited them for all eternity. Could I possibly toss them a rope to pull them from the fire? Where they doomed for all eternity to live the reflection in the mirror addicted to what they had heard and seen as good?

       My heart felt a heavy burden to try. Because I was good I thought I had to try. It was my duty to save as many as I could by the way I lived my own life. An example in time. Would that work? An addiction is a hard thing to break. Leading by example I come to learn was like a bucket of water on a raging forest fire. They where addicted by heart. Nothing outside of a miracle or time was ever going to change their heart. We are who we are by what we have seen and heard.

      Then why can we not change the things they have seen and heard to create the miracle needed if that is the reflection in the mirror that creates each moment in time? I looked at the size of the world. The number of those leading. I realized it was not the people that would need change to create a better world. It was the people leading now wealthy with greed who had grown comfortable in their own addictions that they stopped caring about others to feed their own personal habits. They had created a world of poverty through selfishness.

      A tear rolled down my cheek as I felt great sadness for the many who had followed false leaders and could not see what they where getting as they gave to the leader on the words of empty promises. But then I smiled again as I looked in the mirror of all those who carried the same addictions as I. I realized change begins at birth where the parents try to teach good. I realized the schools that educate for the following 18 years try to teach good. Through all those years some listen. The question became I do not believe we are born thise way. We are born in to this way by bad leaders and writers.

      Money is the root of evil. The only way to get rid of evil is to eliminate the money? Would that solve the problem of poverty to struggle for the simple things? A reflection is eternal. What do you want your reflection to look like in the eternal universe of time I guess is the question?

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