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This post first appeared on my blog https://coffeeandshortbread.wordpress.com/2016/05/17/butterfly-dreams-by-a-meredith-walters/       If you know me then you will know that I love book covers. I definitely judge a book by a...

This post first appeared on my blog https://coffeeandshortbread.wordpress.com/2016/05/17/butterfly-dreams-by-a-meredith-walters/




If you know me then you will know that I love book covers. I definitely judge a book by a cover and by that I mean, I love when authors/publishers take the time to choose a great cover for a book. This one in particular summed up so much of the book for me. I think it captured the essence of the book beautifully. The greyish undertones tinged with purple butterflies perhaps hints that no matter what life throws at you, there is always a silver lining.

They had come for me again.
The butterflies.
My once bevelont protectors now my sadistic torturers...
The butterflies were always there. Threatening to drown me.
And I could never escape."

Right off the bat we are introduced to Corin. Corin is no ordinary girl. In her mid twenties she co-owns a pottery studio with her business partner Adam. But Corin has been dealt severe blows in her life. She has lost her parents in quick succession after having to nurse them through their illnesses. She has no relationship with her sister and essentially a loner by choice. Corin has never recovered from her parents' death but at the same time she is consumed and maybe a bit obsessed by death and dying. She even has her own funeral planned out and she is convinced most of the time that she is dying of something. Her life consists of running her studio and visiting the doctor. In that order. She is quite depressing.

Beckett on the other hand is really sick, he is not sure if he loves his girlfriend anymore and he is stuck in a dead-end job. But he refuses to allow anything to get him down. He still wants to enjoy his life and live life to the fullest even if it means he can't drink coffee or bungee jump anymore. Corin and Beckett meet at a support group. Beckett is drawn to her but Corin is too self consumed in her own sorry life to take note. Beckett doesnt relent and soon Corin finds herself in a place she would rather not be in.

I read this book in one sitting. Perhaps it was the cold wet weather that had me retreating to bed earlier than the norm but I know that as I reached one stage of the book I could not put it down. I loved that this book had so many refreshing elements, Corin's previous sex life did not feature in this book. Usually the inexperienced almost virginal characters  are the norm in New Adult but this time around it was not mentioned or dwelled upon. Although the premise sounds depressing because essentially we are dealing with major issues like death and grief, both the characters had such an amazing sense of humour that it deflected away from the heaviness of the subject matter we were dealing with. I found myself laughing out aloud at a few interludes in the book. I enjoyed the chemistry between the characters and I loved that this was a slow burn romance and the characters took their time to get to know each other. For me the most refreshing aspect was Beckett's reaction to Corin's neuroses. I think for many it would be  huge red flag to run away, but Beckett was ready to face it with Corin head on. He never ran away he stayed and taught her that she deserved love. Essentially Corin had stopped living and Beckett showed her that every life is worth living no matter how messed it up it is.

“Take it from a man who almost lost everything, you can’t focus on the end. You have to concentrate on what’s right in front of you” 

A Meredith Walters has such a unique style of writing. This was my first experience with this author so I am not sure if this is her usual style. I found that even her love scenes were unique and polished. I am one of those people who either use sticky notes or highlight in my kindle if  I come across a passage a that really resonates with me. This book has many highlights and I have read those passages over and over since I have completed the book.  She captures the feeling and mood of the characters incredibly and her writing is compelling without it being cheesy. She also has seamless flow to the book even though she switched between Corin's and Beckett's POV throughout the book.


What makes a good story to you? Is it well-developed characters? Or is it a story that will touch the nerve endings of your soul? Well then Butterfly Dreams ticks all the boxes. The beauty of this story is in its simplicity. There are no sub plots, or hanging on edge moments throughout, but you will feel every bit of angst and disappointment that these characters are learning to deal with. It was a stunning story about living with fears and devastating loss, taking a risk despite the odds and learning to love. And what a fascinating and exquisite love story it was.

This was a stunning story which truth be told will stay with you long after you read the last page. It will definitely leave you with butterflies...

And in Beckett's words,

“Laugh with me.
Dance with me.
Smile with me.
Love with me.
Live with me.”



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