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Understand the truth of every human relationship clearly.Let there be no confusion about this that including your relationship with your own body every physical human relationship comes up with meeting and breaking up.

This hardly means that life is full of 'pain' and every relationship is 'breakable'.

What this means is-everyone you find around you is nothing but 'reflection' of one aspect of your 'soul'. We are all 1 at the level of SOUL.This law is known as "Soulmate Infinity".That is why ,it is futile to cry for 'people' who want to leave us,left us or not responding to our 'desire' to connect.

Never allow your life to be affected by people who have left you but simply wake up to the opportunity of new and better arrival in your life.

There is a stupid legal system,where so called husbands and wives go for divorce and there are churches and temples and courts ,where some go to register as husbands and wives.

Truth is, if in any relationship,you need to 'register' or 'divorce',it is not at all a relationship but a simple business agreement gone wrong.

Instead of well being of children ,people fight for custody of children,what kind of children these are,whose custody you got to fight in court of law.

Every beautiful relationship is based on two factors only- LOVE and FREEDOM,whenever we do not give this to other relationship is over,its as simple as that.

That is why keep everyone related to you, free to go their ways and keep loving them,you'll find that no one ever will leave you,even if they leave you,they will come back,because other than 'God' no one loves unconditionally and gives us complete freedom to love or not to love in return. 

So be the God,which you are,The moment you'll stop possessing BF'S,GF'S,Children,Friends like property, they will truly become yours.

It is true and that is why you are just needed to love your own self and everyone else who you feel like loving.

As one day you both will die physically and no one shares birth or death together,what remains are moments of 'love', to be separated and to meet again in another body,better form under better circumstances.

So be into soulmate infinity and life will be Bliss forever.

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