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Day 50

Manifest Desired Life

Learning to Invite Soulmates

Those who told you that relationships are made in heaven were 'dumb'- fact is -yes relationships are made in 'heaven' of your soul and manifest in your life as and when you wish them to manifest.

Good or Worst- all the people you see around in cinema of your life are literally designed and placed by you. If you will understand this point, You will know that power to create relationships and people in cinema of your life is in your hand.

This is a film,Produced,directed and scripted by you,many Directors make a film about which they say- we never knew how it turned out to be so'good' or 'bad'- as they sleep walk through filming- it is possible that we also may have sleep walked during 'scripting' hour of this 'film'- that is night. 

Understand this fact that you can begin creating your 'future' right now. You can not do much about today-which is result of your 'past' thoughts and KARMA but today is definitely an opportunity to write the script as per your choice in studio of your mind.

Take any one relationship in one aspect of life,which you wish to create.

Here is the Practice-

"Write the complete character of this person,who is he,what he do and how you two meet and what you offer to each other unconditionally and which aspect of your life is enlightened by this relationship."

Now as and when you find time ,keep visualizing the person and 'signs' that will exactly communicate to you, the arrival.

You will be surprised to find that within the period of 180 days,you will meet such person.

Reason for this is ,whatever is your 'soul desire' -it attracts the person with same 'soul desire' instantly, we meet people exactly contrary to 'soul desire' is because we always think ,what we do not want and not what we want right now.

Make this practice your 'soul song' and soon you will find your sou mate.

[Book Excerpts-Inviting the Soulmate]

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Day 49


Manifest Desired Life

Keeping your "LIFE PURPOSE" alive under every situation


There comes a time when you are forced to give up the pursuit of dreams and settle in less for the sake of circumstances.

People generally give up their dreams for a so called secured job,love or family.

Yes,food,home,relationships are important but not important than your dreams.

We generally find excuses to give up our dreams ,whether it is a relationship,children or 'no opportunity' to pursue the dream.

If this dream like many other,just a vagary of mind, no issues but if it is 'inner calling' and 'life purpose'-it is worth to give up everything else,including loved ones and follow your 'dream' that is your 'life purpose'.

Now this seems inhuman and impractical but it is not so, if you lose your 'life purpose'-whatever divine cause ,you make this sacrifice will only increase pain in your and your relatives life.Beat way is give preference to your responsibilities,finish them up with always a eye on life purpose and keep remembering to remember,what is your life purpose and keep praying for the opportunity you need  to pursue it.

Trust me ,following practice will not only keep you close to your 'life purpose' but it will also remove obstacles in the path- it may take 1, 2 or 20 years but one day you will be surely leading your 'dream life'.

Here is the Practice-

"Keep any object or color- that you identify with your 'life purpose' on such a place that you have it in front of eyes quiet often"

Now as and when you see this 'object'- for a moment feel your 'life purpose' achieved.

If you'll keep doing it, you will keep invoking the divine manifestation power, which needs ,just your 'focus' and 'feel' and nothing else to attract all the people and situations and opportunities you need to manifest your desired "Life Purpose".

You will live your dream life for sure ,even if seems to you and others like a Joke today.

As you have applied most effective aspect of Self Healing Practice- it is "Focus and Feel"

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Day 48

Manifest Desired Life

Making Tough Times Easy, this way

We all face 'tough' and 'rough' times in our life.

Our Entire happiness depends upon how we face tough times?

Misery likes company and quiet often ,one difficulty follows another.

How to end this vicious cycle?

In all self healing practices- we never consider 'time' as tough-rough or difficult-unlucky or lucky , we consider TIME as an eternal entity ,which never ends-

Always know that you do not have control on 'next moment' ,at the same time you have all the time in world to do everything you ever want to do.

Once you want something to happen and keep wanting it- it is sure to manifest- today- next year-after ten years or after ten life times- it depends upon how worthy you are to be your WANT-the day your journey to be your DESIRE- You will live your desire.

Till than universe along with your subconscious mind, keep preparing you to be your 'desire'.

That is why you see 'fair' and 'unfair' weather -'lucky'-unlucky-pain and pleasure in your life.

Good times may last forever but 'bad' times always end -as Law of Karma is there to correct our mistakes and not to punish us.

Divine Powers are not sadistic, otherwise there will be no difference between power,which we call God and power which we call Satan.

Every line in above statement tells us that 'tough times' are here to correct our 'thinking pattern'.

The moment we begin to look at 'situations' as 'learning opportunity', we begin to clear our KARMA and gradually 'tough times' evaporates when we have learned the lesson-there is no need for 'teacher' to be there in classroom called a 'situation'.

Everyday as you shut your eyes to sleep,rewind the whole day and keep being grateful for what was good and keep correcting the situations,which you want to improve.This is mental practice but it'll improve your experiences next day.

This Practice will sharpen your skills to 'correct yourself' so much that you will always first feel the 'desired result' of every word and action and then you will perform it.

All tough times are here to teach you simply this.

When you will begin to think divinely,your responses to situations and your KARMA will instinctively improve,you will be a different person every morning-as soon as you will wake up after 'night practice' you will send bliss to every situation and person ,about to appear 'today'.

Slowly -there will be no 'tough time'-no rough patches- life is as smooth now ,as you have created it this morning.

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Day 47


Manifest Desired Life

Transforming Frustration,Anger,Failure into SUCCESS


Here are three evil witches or rascals , we all [whether a boy or girl] always date sometime in our life.

We all fall in this trap by walking upon the road of 'doubt'.

Doubt is very mean father of these three sisters.

Doubt in yourself, others or  upon any situation always lead us to this triple dating.

First understand that All those who have found any kind of blissful success have universally dated these 3 sisters.

Frustration,anger and failure appear in our life when we decide to do something or enter into something ,even when we have a doubt about desired outcome.

So it is simple.

Never trust anyone or anything ,if you have slightest doubt about outcome of this 'trust'.

Keep 'doubting' and keep 'testing' people and instincts till you are absolutely not sure of desired outcome.

There is nothing like 'half trust' on path of manifestation.

Worst fears will always come true,as they have more magnetic energy to manifest than 'positive' outcome.

So Whenever in fear after or before failure -just do this practice and you'll enjoy every blind date to maximum with these 3 sexy partners.


When in Fear-

Keep postponing the entry into desired 'task' and practice thinking more about'positive outcome' then apprehensions, slowly as you will increase frequency of  success feeling in your 'desire' body- doubts will begin to disappear and you will be instinctively guided to perform the 'task' and achieve positive outcome.

When in anger,frustration and failure Phase-

What if you face failure ,despite of above practice?


You have touched the bottom,only way you can go is 'UP' from here.

Worst fear has come true ,so nothing more frustrating can happen to you now.

Just be grateful for what this situation is teaching you.

Accept this as a teacher and learn, whatever is there to learn,as only thing that can happen to you now is SUCCESS.

So try again and again and again by all the 'ways and means' right for you-

This time SUCCESS must marry you-as you are the ultimate 'option' for success to be yours.

Note to remember-

There is not as beautiful and magnetic personality in world, who bounce back to 'give it a try' after every defeat .You are destined to 'have' what you are so committed to 'have'.Nothing and no power in world can stop you now from being successful.

Those who practice above two practices with PRAYER and meditation or MANTRA of any kind make this journey quicker, as MANTRA always manifest desired success for those, who will accept nothing less than SUCCESS.

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Day 46

Manifest Desired Life

Burning the roots of Tension and Depression

If 'spirit' is sliding down in your life and it seems there is no solution to not one but one after many problems that you are facing, it is nothing but first sign of tension turning into depression, this is the most appropriate time to kill the depression in very roots,before it makes you addicted to doctors and drugs.

Note that whole depression healing begins and ends with you.Everyone says that a depression patient immediately needs help and they advertise 'prescribed medicines'on TV ,which seems to be helping a so called depression patient.

Fact is, depression therapy is costly and most beneficial business ,it makes pharma companies and doctors very happily rich and kicks down you scientifically on the path of dependency on drugs[known as prescribed drugs],this never helps a patient.

If patient gets all right, its fine ,if not -they call it- 'a hopeless case' and keep selling you drugs and advise till your resources are exhausted,after that they have nothing to do with you or your problem.

Most of modern day depression patients are youngsters, who are frustrated by 'professional' or relationship setbacks.

The amount of money and efforts you spend on getting addicted, you can be completely heal yourself much reasonably with added benefit of 'complete healing'.

In 100% cases, a depression sufferer ,if  healed by Reiki,Pranayam and self Healing will never fall into trap of depression and no possibility of her or him becoming victim of legally approved Pharmaceutical mafia.

Here s the practice to start with-

1]To begin with ,understand that whatever relaxation ,you receive by medication that you can generate yourself from your own body and mind.

2] Write on a paper -"I am healed -whole and complete"- just begin to focus upon these lines and be 'one' with your breathing as many times as you can.

3] Within 15 to 20 days, you will begin to like doing this practice.

4] As soon as you begin to love being with these words and breathing , begin to pray-pray whatever problems you need solution for.


5] Prayers will frustrate you initially and you may feel dejected but this dejection is much better than living on drugs and outside advise of a person,who will try some mental and biological tricks on you.

6] Love your growing self dependence on capability to make efforts to heal and increasing faith in same subconscious power, which guides a human being under every circumstances as an when instructed.

7] Now zero down your life to every hour, try to be in oneness with your breathing every hour, soon you'll find 'patches' of bliss begins to appear.

8] Your only job is to remember these patches of bliss,which'll increase with more practice.

This process , will not only bring you instinctive but also outside right and absolutely effective remedies for problems,that drag you in frustration.

After 1 year , you'll wonder that whether you have really suffered from depression and its thousand classifications ,or was it a learning opportunity to strengthen you spiritually.

Fact is Depression in any form is nothing but carving of your soul for focus and attunement with divine powers, understand and be aware about this and depression? You'll forget about it forever.

[In facility of Depression healing at "Healing Now", you can chose, what you want to pay and that you pay only after you declare yourself completely healed- Zero charges till you achieve this target of whole and complete healing.]

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Day 45

Manifest Desired Life

Why Daily Meditation is must for all?

You Eat daily-minimum twice a day, very rarely you forget to miss 'meal time' because food is 'energy' and we can not have energy to make it to another day ,if we avoid eating for one complete day.

We do not miss drinking water, whatever busy we may be,because  water is life.

We do not forget to breath-if we are very busy,then what makes you think that doing regular meditation is not as necessary as food and water for your soul.

Nobody can keep this body permanently but this Soul is eternal and food of soul is Meditation in whatever form you prefer to meditate.

If you have time for body, do you think you can afford to not to have time for 'eternal' source for life.

You can say ,that people who pray daily ,also have same problems you have and that you believe in KARMA, your Work is your Worship.

If you think your 'work' is worship enough you need to be in bliss and to fulfill every desire you wish to manifest,stop right here-this practice is not for you.

This practice is for people ,who need divine guidance and help on every step in life.

If you are such a person,who believe that you need a divine guidance and inspiration  to perform your 'task' and responsibilities, go ahead and do this practice.

Here is the Practice-

Take one,two or three sessions, your total sum time for meditation must be 1 minute in 1 hour.

You can do it for 24 minutes or divide it in as many parts ,as you want.

On pre decided time just close your eyes and feel-

"Oh divine-I am so grateful for everything-I wish every thought and deed to be guided by you."

Just feel this and do whatever prayer or meditation practice you chose- it may be a game of Tennis or Gym but just keep this feeling with you as per a regular schedule.

Please know that meditation brings out miraculous results for anyone and everyone.

Problem is ,we run for 'divine help' only when all other efforts are exhusted, but the fact is,if you'll keep meditation,gratitude and prayer as integral as food ,you'll never have to run for 'divine help' when you'll be in trouble,as divine help will be always availabel to you forever.

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Day 44

Manifest Desired Life

Regular spiritual Study attracts divine guidance

All the terrorism on the name of any religion is born the moment ,followers of those religions follow PRIESTS and forget religious text handed over to us by our ancestors.

Having a Principal religious book of your religion of birth and keep reading few lines everyday can invoke all kind of spiritual help for that you visit,temple,mosque or Church.

Today fact is,Most of the Muslims talk of ISLAM but never read Quran, whereas Indians does same with VEDA and Christians with BIBLE.

They don't even allow few schools to teach BIBLE Study to children,as if Bible is some Bomb making Manuel.

You have DVD'S of porno at home with PLAYBOY but no BIBLE in one corner,why?

Whatever religious practice you are born in ,is generally having a principal text,either people find it irrelevant and useless or they listen to Priests,Maulvi and Brahmins who misinterpret text to run their shop and feed terrorists with young children.

Everyone knows how Mosques have become Terrorist Schools all over world and how Indians and Christians have their own 'hate others'armies.

How this degradation happened and how whole humanity has lost its spiritual manifestation text.

Even being Indian Brahmin ,I can show you all modern manifestation practices in form of simple verses in Quran or Bible - fact is all religious texts are based on one single messenger or divine child of that tradition and every text gave same manifestation principals in local languages of that time, these are miracle books, more families read 5-6 lines of these text together everyday-more we make this world more blissful.

Fact is saints and messengers have conveyed 'theories' and laws of invocation of divine help and whosoever reads few line everyday attracts guardian angels around the place where religious texts are read.

It looks funny but just see the Aura around a Church, Mosque,real temple or a saints hermitage,you will find spiritual bliss all over-why?

Because meditation and study of religious texts along with practices had been done here and that automatically attracts wish fulfillment by thinking of these places or visiting here.

We all are one and every religion is full of MANTRA and Prayer invocation practices- shared with us selflessly by divine souls, so why miss a opportunity we can have in form of a book- even just keeping hands on Bible,Qoran or RAMAYANA or GURU GRANTH SAHIB will give you healing vibrations,

So why not to learn,what is gifted by ancestors and make our homes a 'spiritual temples' where our children and families will always be divinely protected.

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Day 43

Manifest Desired Life

How to save our families from NICE/BASTILLE DAY  attacks ? 

There is no doubt that as a nation and world we are bringing Bastille kind of attacks on our families?

Instead of flashing out Terrorists ,we are discussing their 'human rights' and forgetting human rights of soldiers,police and common citizens ,who are being killed in my or your country alternate day.

As a nation ,we yet not scientific enough to believe and perform ' silent prayers' for dignified life for one and all together before we go to sleep or as we wake up.

So let's start from our home.

Here is the practice-

Before you proceed for day ,and in night as you are about to close your eyes,please in silence send blessings and prayers for entire humanity, animal kingdom,our country, society,town,society ,building, streets ,each family members and friends.

It is very much possible that by doing this,you and your family and finally many more will be divinely guided to 'stop' from visiting such places-where danger is imminent.

Author and his family had been saved in many such incidents by divine guidance to change path or some kind of obstacles and death was avoided.

We call it AURA CLEANING in Self Healing Practices  Love..Light and Reiki..


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Day 42

Manifest Desired Life

"Send Speechless invitations and welcome your soulmates-Telepathy in Relationship"

In India ,we say,what is the fun if you got to invite your beloved souls, they must appear as soon as you remember them.

It looks funny and impractical in world of WWW and 4G phones , why you need to have someone, without sending a formal invitation.

Fact is communication is always best when words are not involved.You must have the capability to attract your loved once and be appear to each other as and when there is a carving to meet.


It is fantastic because this way,you can be in touch forever,within and without being in body,in this life as well in next life.

It is very simple and effortless, as and when you remember someone,just focus first on center of your heart chakra and say to person whatever you wish to say-then focus mentally between eyebrows and just feel the person receiving the exact message.

Same you can do,when you are in dire need of help,if you believe in any form of God, just remember with intensity that you used to have in childhood when you wanted your Mom around.

I have seen people receive help instantly in numerous form ,as they call SAI, JESUS, HANUMAN,ALLAH -forms may be different but response from guardian deity is absolutely sure instantly, I have seen a Buddhist friend trapped at 2 PM midnight in most notorious state of India ,in BIHAR in a town filled with murderers and goons on a village road- she just remembered "HANUMANJI SAVE ME" in her mind in same manner and soon a CRPF bus full of Soldiers appeared on site and goons fled away,soldiers gave her and her mother lift to nearest Airport.

The Captain ,who picked her up said,from last 5 Kilometers, we all in van felt that someone needs our help and we all asked Driver to drive fast, as something bad is about to happen.

It may look stupid but practice this and soon you'll receive the 'call' or 'visit' from person ,you wanted to see so much but hesitating to make a call.

It will start as 'fun' and soon become your usual 'practice' to convey messages spiritually in its purest form-The Vibes.

Love..Light and Reiki...

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Day 41


Manifest Desired Life

Keeping Every Relationship dipped in DIVINE LOVE

[ Recommended to those looking for  relationships to be fantastic]

Frankly, There is no use of just maintaining a relationship, every relationship,that is in your life and that you want to keep ,must be increasingly sweet.

Start with your parents to your children to life partner to friends to fellow professionals to new people that are or you want to invite in life -all must be filled in love and love only.


Kindly remember that every 'living' or 'non living' being that exists in our life is connected to us.You meet no one ,or be in good or not so good relationship with anyone,without a most definite connection or without your past or present intention to have this or that relationship.

That is why nothing exists like "Blind Date"-you do not go with blind eyes with everyone on blind date right?

There is something that attracts you both and you follow the instinct-even for few hours or life long ,it hardly matters.

A relationship is result of your past KARMA and till you do not give everything due to a 'particular' relationship-it'll keep happening in different forms in this and next life.

Note this.

Now how to be constantly in love in every relationship?

As you start and end your day, remember each person in your life, in the order they appear in thought process and send 'gratitude' and 'blessings' to all, even to your children and parents everyday.

If you are not intentionally grateful for your parents, children,life partners, friends and every relationship, you are injecting virus of 'drift' and 'conflict'.

It is like cleaning your soul everyday, if you do not cleanse it with gratitude and blessings ,there will be 'stain' of minuscule differences and 'hard feelings',which will keep on accumulating between the 'bond' that you have in any relationship.

You need not to say 'sorry' always,you can just send vibrations also,which will be much more stronger and responded positively without a word,same way blessings and gratitude will also work.

It is also important that you pray for well being and success of everyone in 'relationship' with you ,when you remember them everyday.

This practice generate so much 'positive' energy that 'evil' relationships wipe out and 'blessed' relationships keep happening in your life one after another.

This is in fact first step towards inviting soulmates in your life-as all are reflection of your 'soul' only,this practice will make you magnetically charming.

Any person, you will sat 'eyes' on will be'spell bound'to you.

Whether you are sexiest men or women in universe will never matter, henceforth you'll be accepted and loved unconditionally.

So What you are waiting for?

Imbibe this practice in your daily life, just bless everyone you come in contact with and see the fun.

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Day 40


Manifest Desired Life

How to Delete Undesired People,Situations and Relationships Divinely


We all suffer from undesired people and situations in life.

How to keep deleting these people and relationships from screen of life.

Swami shivanand taught us this practice in very divine manner and Co Healer Payal Pankhi explains this in very practical manner.


Just pick undesired situation or relationship and ask yourself-

What this relationship or situation teaches me?

Answer this question with brutal honesty.

For example if answer is- 

"Never enter in relationship before giving it time and thought."

Now ask yourself again-

What this relationship or situation demands from me?

For example -if answer is- "To be honest and break away from ..........."

Now Close your eyes,focus upon point between eyebrows mentally[not physically]- feel the presence of related person or situation and say to that person or situation- 

"With greatest of gratitude I end this relationship in divine guidance-I wish a divinely guided blessed life for you-henceforth we both are free from each other without keeping any guilt or KARMA -we release each other to universe."

Be in gratitude for what this relationship with person or situation taught to you and dissolve that persons image on screen of your mind in sky and now see the clean sky without presence of that person or situation.

I have seen most terrifyingly violent relationships and situations being resolved divinely within few days of this practice.

You will find difficult relationships and situations are evaporated within few days of doing this practice,

Try it-this Practice is powerful enough to resolve any conflicting situation or relationship- even between Black community and Police department of USA.

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Day 39


Manifest Desired Life

Take Charge of Today to Master your Destiny

Practice that you must do everyday 

Journey to master your destiny begins TODAY.

Here is a Practice that all self healing students must do throughout the life.


Just before you go to sleep write down -exactly hour by hour ,what you will do and what 'thoughts' you will focus upon hour by hour  Tomorrow.

As you wake up- take one point at a time and feel that 'task' accomplished in allocated time or 'thought' focused upon. keep 'feeling' the task till in your mind ,you can't feel it accomplished.

This is tough but by looking at a thing for more than 10 times , you begin to feel it.

[Remember the picture of beautiful boy/girl you focused upon]

After 'feeling' all tasks and thoughts proceed for the day.

It is not important,how your planned day fizzled out or whatever,what is important is that how much efforts you made.

If you will keep practicing this-very soon, you'll have command on your day and soon, the thoughts you focused upon day after day will begin to manifest.

This is one of the most important practice ,which all Masters do everyday, and as soon as you'll start ,you'll experience the secret of taking charge of your own destiny.

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Day 38

Manifest Desired Life

Accept your True Cast,creed Religion-

"Divinity and Humanity" 


Save your Country from Hate Crimes

Clear Your 'Racial factor' before it destroys your Nation

Whatever Mass murders ,Bombings and Brutal pathetic killings we see these days across democratic countries including USA and UK is nothing but bottled frustration of parents of criminals.

So best is clear your concepts about few things before you add misery and violence to world by your thinking.

Please understand that there is a genetic inferiority or superiority complex found in people who call themselves Hindu,Muslim,Jew or Christians or thousand of sub casts and creeds fall under these or any other religious tradition.

Clear your mind first of this concept that you are a.....,.......;.........,........,.......,........,.X,Y or Z.

As all these religions are outdated today.

There is no relevance left in what is known as this or that religion ,cast or creed.

Fact is you are divine.

You are as holy ,as pure ,as divine and as great as any prophet who ever walked or will walk upon earth.

We all are children of same 5 elements-earth-water-Fire-Sky-Air.

There is no difference other than what your 'religious shopkeepers or misguided parents told you.

Divinity is only religion and Humanity is only cast available, so read every great religious text you can lay hands on ,take good things and throw away thee trash.

The moment you'll stop seeing yourself as Black,White,Hindu,Christian,Muslim,Jew etc-all your Terrorism and Hate Crimes will evaporate and there will not be politicians to exploit you on the basis of your misconceptions.

accept yourself as what you are-

A Divine Human Being

And you'll make this society,nation and world a heaven and you'll not be needed to die to go to some 'heaven'.

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Day 37

manifest Desired Life

Judge Not and don't Criticize to save yourself from BP,Diabetes,Heart Ailments,Depression etc

It is very simple to practice but hard to restrain the impulse of judging others.

We are masters of our life ,we are absolutely free to think what we want to think and no court of law can find you guilty of your 'thinking'.

It is your divine right to 'think' and have 'opinions'.

The moment we decide to 'judge' others ,we defy this divine law and price we pay by compromising our spiritual growth and capacity to heal our life.

Here is the Law- you will invariably commit the same sin for what you judge and criticize others publicly.

It is none of our business, where girl or boy on next table is sleeping with one or one thousand, It is none of our business at all to label people as Dull-Duffer-Evil-Loser  etc.

We will invariably become all this sooner or later.

Society these days judge people by car they drive, society they live in ,Job Profile they have and girl/boy they are dating or marrying.

This is the root cause of every disease,known as life style disease,99% of people criticize and judge people, with whom they are jealous and in fact want to become like them but do not have enough courage to do so.

So they manifest this Jealousy as different diseases in their body.

You can not be physically healthy,whatever health regime you follow and whatever Doctors you refer ,if you are not free from virus known as 'judgement' and 'Envy'.

Here is a simple practice,try spending as much time in a day as you can in silence, more silence you'll observe and more time you'll spend with your own 'self'- you'll stop 'talking' and 'thinking' and participating in such 'spiritual evils'.

This is must before you take next steps in Miracle-as all Miracles give bliss to only those,who are free from envy or Jealousy.

Otherwise you'll be like many millions,who have manifested their desires but are still living in terrible insecurity,disease and fear.

What will you do by manifesting desired 'heaven' if you have inner potential to turn it into hell?

So Judge not and Criticize never to be in bliss in every situation in life and finally to achieve your  life purpose.

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Day 36

Manifest Desired Life

"Attuning the Breath with Life Purpose"

Living Your Dream Life

What is known in modern parallel as "Living your Dream Life" is manifested as per practice given here.

When you constantly observe your breath as per practice 35[Practice given yesterday],you come in harmony with your 'true self'.

Surprisingly you find that all wavering thoughts are leaving you and you are now living with only one thought-that is your -Life Purpose.

When this state of being is achieved-you can take first step towards Living your dream life.As now you are left with only one 'thought' -keep observing your breath as and when instinctively you feel like that.

Now bring that 'thought' ,which is constantly haunting you and focus your breath on that 'one thought' only.

This means ,your complete focus upon breath ,which is now attuning itself with your'thought' with all its apprehensions and hopes-after sometime you'll find inner assurance and all apprehensions in thinking about manifesting this thought will evaporate.

Slowly only thought remains and that too is replaced automatically by 'feeling' of thought being manifested.Here you are in sync with your 'life purpose'.

At this time -in whatever way you want frame a 'prayer' or identify this 'feeling' with a 'color'- now you will find that many times during the day this 'color' will begin to manifest itself in unimaginable ways.

Here you are beginning to receive 'signs'that your sub conscious mind is at work- slowly you begin to take instinctive steps in direction of manifestation and 'dream life' begins to manifest itself.

Now you will ask me- what is the 'time period'?

No time period- if you are in 'sync' it may happen right now or it may take X,Y,Z months or years,as you only manifest anything ,when you are completely in SYNC with your desire.

Your job is to keep practicing -the more you practice-more steps you take in KARMA and more steps you take in KARMA ,more closer you are to your dream life.

This has worked for millions and it'll work for you also.


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Manifest Desired Life

"Breath is the KEY to your perfect Life"

Entering in PRANAYAMA


PRANAYAMA is the Key to perfect life and death.

PRANAYAM means disciplining the Breath.

Its so simple to lead a perfectly healthy life ,it takes much efforts and self destruction to lead a unhealthy life,comparatively living a Healthy life is Easy. We all sometime in life chose to live unhealthy life and good news is that you can return to perfect health anytime you like.

Your time start now.


What was the last time ,you have consciously observed your breath?

Like a thankless slave your breath is running from the point you receive 'life' in womb of your mother to the last macro second before your death.

What will happen if outgoing breath never returns or inhaled breath refuse to go out.Doctors will declare your body dead- that's why we call it PRANA[Life].

 Are you aware of this phenomenon-just being aware of Magic your 'breath' is,you'll be filled with gratitude.

Now know that Breathing is key to perfect health- we study every aspect of breathing and healing through breathing in PRANAYAMA but for beginners,here is a practice-

1] Watch the moment Breath enters through nostrils and follow your breath to wherever it goes in your body

2] Now follow the return path of exhalation

3] Keep observing this flow for 3 minutes,just be with inhalation and exhalation.

4] Now make it a habit-as and when you feel anxious ,frustrated or angry do this practice-do this compulsorily while entering into sleep and moment you enter back into conscious state.

You can master this practice to the level that you will instinctively find divine guidance in this process.

Try it-its a Miracle practice and like all the gifts of nature -this is also absolutely free.

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Manifest Desired Life

"Performing the Mind Check up daily to avoid Health Check up forever"


Every kind of disease or addiction is generated from one place only-and it is our Mind.

Once we begin to take steps to correct our thinking ,all diseases and addictions get healed in accordance with the healing of mind.

Once manifested on body,every disease needs treatment and medication but there is a way through which you can stop any disease in its preliminary stages.

Those who are not inflicted with any addiction or disease are best equipped to heal any occurrences in future.

So take steps Now and check your mind before a 'thought process' manifests in form of physical disease on body.

You can literally keep your body in whatever perfect order you wish to keep,specially ladies, they can pause aging effects and be more glorious with every passing year.

Keeping the body fit and devoting some time in a day to your favorite or prescribed fitness regime is one of the increasing popular and best way to keep yourself free from any disease or addiction.

Most of the life style diseases are born out of taking the 'success' and 'failure' more seriously and manifesting a 'chain link' of worry-fear-insecurity-emotional upheaval on body in form of BP or Diabetes  or heart trouble.

You can easily avoid all three and for that matter any disease as its primary 'signs' appear on body.

As you do your costly executive medical check up every year ,please also do 'mind check up' as you go to sleep every night and you'll probably never need to pinch needles and checking blood samples very soon.Here is the practice-

"Run over the day in your mind- whatever thoughts of anger-frustration-worry -fear-guilt-insecurity have been generated go on commanding them one after another on screen of your mind- as every situation appears-say unto yourself- I am alive-healthy -happy in gratitude-no situation affects my body or mind anymore as I command it to be healed."

It looks like a joke initially but soon within few days,you learn to heal effects of 'thought' on your body -through your sub conscious mind in night-which exactly does as commanded NOW-when you are in worry -your command to subconscious is- "Keep worrying"- so every new morning will increase your 'worry' quotient but moment you command it to 'heal' every morning will generate 'healing situations'.

This is guaranteed because this is exactly the process through which you can live a completely health life- and to take it to next level of perfect happiness under any situation-

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Manifest Desired Life


"Infinite Source of Courage and Success -KUNDLINI "

Your Body is a temple and everything that you need to know and need to have is right here.Power is known as KUNDLINI.

In spite of numerous methods and spiritual practices- this is the easiest source of power that is available.


You don't need any Master or Teacher,you just need practice and KUNDLINI guides you spontaneously to path of success in any desired aspect of life.



Sit Straight Keeping your  spinal chord straight, anywhere- just remember that your feet  not touching the ground directly,wear the woolen socks and sit on woolen blanket or cloth.


began to feel across your spinal cord.

From Root of spinal to where it ends on joint of upper and middle body and from their straight to CROWN of your head-the last point of your physical existence in this world.


After some time you will feel vibrations and some will feel current like energy flow- you are just needed to travel across spine from bottom to top and top to bottom -this means your complete focus on this travel, by the way once you begin to focus here , you will not be able to think anything else.

Do this practice 9 minutes in one schedule as and when you want for 7 days-after that 9 minutes morning as you wake up and 9 minutes before you lie down for sleep.

Within 90 days,you will see solutions appear and you are instinctively guided to manifestation.

This is 'master practice' for all those suffering from Depression in any non critical or critical or chronic stage.

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Manifest Desired Life

"How to Scare and Kill The Fear"

"Face The Fear and Death of Fear is Certain"

 [Dr Joseph Murphy]

Above Quote from one of the most literate professor of "Christian  Science" is a angel message for all those ,who are facing fear related problems.

This Quote is a Law.

THIS QUOTE IS A 'PRACTICE' that will eliminate fear forever from your life.

What you are scared of?



Break up





Always know that you are not the first person in world,who is facing it- many before you,many right now and many will face this in future.


This is something that has to be dealt with boldly and not to be scared off.

It is in your hands to scare the 'fear'.

Fear and Evil Spirits strike those ,who do not know that 'fear' is baseless. Death equals all.All suffering ends in death ,so there is nothing to be scared of in future.

Ask yourself-

What is my fear?

Do I need 'help' to eleminate this fear?

If answer is Yes,here is the practice-

Lis down ,everything you are scared of -living few lines in between every 'fearful thought'.

Now write,what you need to get rid of this fear.

Now underline ,what you need to get rid of your 'fears'.

Feel, what your life will be ,when this 'fear' will be no more in life.

Write that feeling-list down that feelings.

This list is your solution to all your fear,as and when in 'fear' feel this 'happy list' -exactly as you've written.

In same order of preferences.

Do this as and when inspired to do this practice.

Surely you have begun to create a fearless life and now 'fear' knows that you know how to deal with it-so 'fearful thoughts' will be scared of you forever.

Make it a everyday practice and always ask while having these'divine' feelings-guidance from angel spirits,which gave you this practice.

Whenever you'll be grateful for 'solutions' and ask for 'guidance' it'll appear in proportion of  your 'increasing faith in divine guidance.'

So get set and kill all fears NOW.

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Manifest Desired Life


"Invoke Holy Spirits and Guardian Angels to receive Divine help"

Those who think that Democratic governments, Parliaments, Bureaucracy, Judiciary,Police and Cabinet Ministries are running this world and so called 'nations' are fools of first order.

This world would have gone back to 'stone age' if above departments would have governed this.

This world is being guided and helped by not one but many guardian angels and souls, not in physical bodies but ever ready to help as and when it is needed or when it is requested.

Those who do not believe in this ,can stop reading this and go to whatever heaven or hell they belong to.

This practice and chapter is for those divinely inspired to experience divine forces and help.

So if you are the one, practice this, you are sure to succeed and find solutions to most difficult,painful and scary situations in life.You can invoke help for near and dear ones also.

It is not written anywhere that Occult, Tantra and Mantra is for Experts or crooks only, no it is a natural gift  and it is available as freely as water and air.


Chose a specific time and place.

Initially see to it that no one disturbs you for minimum 45 minutes of Spell at a stretch.

Prepare a mattress or relax chair,where you can lie down comfortably.

Let their be woolen cover on mattress avoid Leather or plastic around you.

Watch your breath.

Just watch your breath.

After 10 minutes or odd , in your mother language-feel this affirmation-

"Now I invite Guardian and Holy spirits to be guided in ............matter."

Feel your breath as it goes deeper-slower and altogether still..

This is the moment you will begin to feel ,presence in any medium,may be through a thought,voice,instinct to do or write something or through a clearly present "Light" 

The moment you begin to feel light around your body relax as you are under divine presence now-

In this state ,be with your request and slowly you will learn to invoke guardian angels as and when and wherever you want-

This is far clearer ,pure and divine way to find solutions to the matters, where no one else is capable enough around you to guide.

If anytime you feel any difficulty,share here, more you will practice this,more you'll establish forgotten connections with divine spirits ,who are always there to help you, standing outside the door,awaiting for you to open the door of your heart and soul to receive guidance.

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Manifest Desired Life

"Life is a game,Play it"

Above is a statement from a Boy,who threw away his books in 6th Standard and declared that he is the 'Destiny Maker' and created worlds most unique completely free "SATYA SAI SUPER SPECIALTY HOSPITAL" at PRASHANTI NILAYAM & BANGALORE in India.

This Boy dreamed of a city with a free Educare and Healthcare- he is no more today but PRASHANTIO NILAYAM UNIVARSITY and Schools in a obscure Village PUTTAPARTHI of India are living symbol's of the 'game' that this Boy has played.

There are many many such Destiny Makers in world,about whom we hardly teach in our school and colleges.

Life is truly a game and it can only be played like a game, Victorious in this game are those,who come back to hit harder every time and either they win or they 'change' the game.Life is a never ending game, if it is not over in this life,you come back again and again and keep playing it.

So do not take any Business,carrier,relationship loss as symbol of defeat,as no one loses in this game-everyone is needed to play life after life till they are established as ONE with infinity,that's why few people are successful today and few are failures,those who are failure today are meant to be successful tomorrow, so just relax.

No Victory or defeat is finale.

Take everyday as a 'round' and play it with full conviction,without any fear of failure ,as there always is another chance.

Change your 'glasses' now and rejoice in your 'desires' and 'spirit'.

If this Boy from a dirt cheap village of India can manifest his 'desires' without any formal Education,Wealth or Resources, you surely can.

this is a truth- accept it and Play the game called Life fearlessly ,your Victory is guaranteed.

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Manifest Desired Life

Be The Game Designer of your Life

"Attracting Right People and Circumstances"


There is a Formula and Formula is very very simple.

This Law is known as CYR-Creating your KARMA.

Make a list of circumstances you wish to manifest and list of people you either want to 'change' according to your need or replaced by better options.

It is like a Video game now.Once this list is ready,Put it in your Cell Phone notebook ,Email to yourself or keep at a place you can see it as often as you like on click of button.

This is your 'Story Board'- Keep adding and subtracting people and circumstances in this game and whenever you 'focus' upon one point,feel it visually,More you do this practice-more characters and situations will happen as per your desire. Be grateful for incoming and outgoing people and circumstances as this Video Game is manifesting now in your real life.

This practice will engross you so much and manifestation will be so quick that you'll slowly learn the science of manifestation,known as FIFTH DIMENSION.

So go ahead and design-'Game of Your Life Now'.

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Manifest Desired Life

"MANTRA to make your HOME a Pilgrimage"


If you are in search of a 'heaven' or 'best of life'- just look around-wherever you are living and wherever you are right now-is the exact  'Heaven',where you will find your NIRVANA/Enlightenment.

It is not available in any resort or vacation,it is available where you are right now.

If you are not in bliss ,where you are sleeping and waking up,trust me nothing else will be good enough for you.

Here is a Practice to make your place a heaven-

If you follow this practice,it'll convert your 'place of living'into Pilgrimage you always want to visit or vacation you always wanted to have.

Among all your dreams,the very place ,where you are living is what is that you've attracted, this is your reality and whatever you wish to manifest will begin to manifest here only.

"As you go to sleep today-bless the everything that is available to you,bless the roof,mattress,water,air everything that you have right now.As you are about to wake up,just feel the favorite color between your eyebrows and with closed eyes fill your place with this color,fill it with whatever you wish to manifest in this life."

Now open your eyes and proceed with your day.

As much time and love you'll give to this practice,your miracles will manifest with same speed.

You do not need any "Feng Shuiee" or VASTU to make your place positive for wealth and growth and peace.

You have just now filled the place with most powerful TANTRA practice that is available in this world,which has created empires and Vatican and all the places of  significance ,known as pilgrimage in this world.

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Manifest Desired Life-Protecting your Aura

"Being Safe in era of Violence & Hate"

Being Safe and Happy with your family and friends is your topmost priority.Today whoever you are-White,Black,Christian,Muslim,American,European,British or French- You are not safe,you may be a citizen or an immigrant, when your kith and keen move on Road,you are not sure whether they are safe or not?

We all talk of world peace but what we must be practically concerned about safety of our own family.

There is a way to keep yourself away from any kind of violence and hate under any circumstances anywhere in universe.

Never ever think that this all happens to others and you are not concerned with this violence,most of the people died in terror attacks.

Fact is those died in Orlando night club last week or yesterday in Istanbul Airport attack are very much par of us- always add in your prayers 'peace' for those who killed and those facing such threat.

The more we will spend our prayer for blessing people and land around us ,more safe we will make the world.

Every morning as you wake up and every night as you are about to sleep and every time as you begin to eat,always close your eyes and bless the food and ask food for all those who are angry,ask for capacity from universe to make you capable to feed some hungry person.

More prayerful you are to begin with for those brothers,sisters,mothers,fathers,children who are in problem,more you protect yourself from any untoward incident.

This is also the best way to wipe out all your 'pain' from past -present and future by sending prayers to those who are in 'pain' right now.

Every life can change for best, if we just ask resources to serve poor.

Always make it a point that spend at least 1% of your daily income to help someone needy.

This all looks 'too outdated' and 'strange' but once you make it a habit- you will be blessed with abundance- as you have unified yourself with a 'good' cause and good finally leads to God and Godhood. 

[CRIMINAL BY CHOICE is a book ,dedicated to story of two sisters who fight their way out of sex slavery and who manifested help in impossible circumstance to be alive and to  live with dignity]

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Manifest Desired Life

"Manifest your Day"

The most important practice in any Occult is learning to manifest your Today.

As Today is most important day of your life.

It is so important to create Day that is today and Day that you are going to face 'Tomorrow'.

More you will practice creating your 'Day'-more glorious your life will become.

No one can teach you this practice.

You have to evolve, practice it and find out your own method.

The Fact is,more you try to master your day by feeling exactly the way you want your day at previous night or best in early morning,more you get control over your next day.

This practice is done ,as you are bout to sleep and as you open your eyes for next day.You begin this by feeling grateful for 'blessings' in your life and begin to take 'next days'task one by one and feeling them exactly ,as you want them to manifest.

This practice quickly brings results and your confidence boosts up as day after day you go on manifesting small 'desires'.

Try This anyway you like,what is to be kept in mind that make this practice a habit and you'll gradually become Miracle Maker.

This is 100% worth trying practice and recommended by almost all LOA teachers and Masters in many formats. 

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Manifest Desired Life

"Secret to Keep Relationship HOT forever"

85% of people in marriage and long term commitment vouch to you that there relationship 'sucks' after some time and there is no 'charm' left now, what is left is day to day tussles and rising frustration with every passing night? What happened in six or seven months of a 'relationship' that it begins to 'stale' now. Man and Woman both claim that they are same but something is 'changed'.

What is this that is 'changed'?

People don't change ever,what changes is their priorities, as soon as the first priority of having first 'date' is over-they shift to 'first kiss' -then to 'first sex' and finally to have a 'relationship'.


Modern Boy's and girls are so cool and considerate in the beginning of a relationship but they start go become their 'Mom' and 'Dads' with every passing day.

Here is a secret to keep every relationship as young as 'first date' always. Stop leading monotonous life in all 'other' aspects of life.

Especially your work.Most of the people chose to do same job throughout the life and after sometime it become predictable and monotonous.

90% of people spend 60% of day working what they no more like to do.

As they return home,they find same pattern, same sofa,same place, same bedroom and same husband or wife or lover.

As no one can panic at work place, so now they begin to panic on each other.

Change this pattern and today only make a list of exciting things that you both can do together, you need not to dine out every night-[or else it'll also become monotonous] nor you are needed to go shopping everyday-what you are needed to do is to start doing some 'good' things like 'exercise' together.

Best thing to do together is praying every night as you are about to sleep hand in hand and begin the day praying together hand in hand.

It looks so 'outdated' but this will change your life, this will give your life a new 'purpose' and bliss, by holding hands and praying by being one through your body and mind vibration even for 7 minutes morning and night will bring kind of 'bliss' in your life ,which no one before you in last 7 generations in your family had ever experienced as couple.

            Being in relationship means being "ONE"-more you evolve in spiritual 'Oneness'.

This is amazingly divine.

Try this hand in hand ,just sitting silently with your wife/girl friend/kids and together as a family.

Within 21 days of doing this practice,you will be so much ONE that you'll understand and please each other the way you both want.

This is simplest and most effective secret of 'being in love' and keeping a relationship 'forever young'. Try it and be in bliss together forever.

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Manifest Desired Life

"Find your own source of Happiness"

Most of us do not know that u never find 'source' of happiness outside,it is always found within,when you realize and experience this fact, your search for 'happy life' will end then and there.

It is in our hand to be happy and we can absolutely remain happy,if we adopt this practice.

Close your eyes and ask yourself- 

"What makes me happy NOW?".

Whatever the answer,ask yourself- hat can I do now for this happiness?

Do just that.

Even if your 'today' is result of your past KARMA, be assured that universe has given you an infinite source of happiness within, which you can tap right now.Please tap it- as most of the time ,we continue to think about What is making me unhappy?,By the law of Subconscious, this way ,you'll keep on attracting,in fact you are asking for things that make you unhappy.

Give up this habit-this is worst than Drugs,Alcohol or any other such habit.

Please learn to attract 'happiness' consciously and keep doing ,whatever makes you happy and you'll soon be surrounded by people and circumstances that make you happy,people or things that disturb you,will be pushed away from you. Try this and within 90 days you'll see definite results.

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Manifest Desired Life

"How to part ways in Grace and Bliss to ensure great life"

More than meeting the new people and creating new relationships,more important is always departing from any relationship in Grace and Bliss.

If you do not have grace enough to depart blissfully,no relationship in world will ever satisfy your soul,you'll remain thirsty for 'love' always and wonder whether 'love' really exist or not.

If you do not learn Science and art of 'departing gratefully' no other art of being attractive,magnetic and successful will save your 'personal life' from being disgusting and pathetic.

What we share in every relationship that we go through is -Experience.

The Experience we 'receive' and experience we 'give' becomes our KARMA and no one is spared from natural consequences of KARMA.

Understand and introspect well about your life and in 'past regression therapy' when you walk into your past lives,you will be amazed to find that all your 'troubles' and 'fortunes' ,bliss and pain had been created earlier by no other than you.

Keep this fact in mind and you'll learn the science of 'happy relationship' in a instant.

You do not need to go to people and say 'sorry' today to people,who are hurt by you in past,you are just needed to say 'gratitude' and 'sorry' in a breath and realize what a 'bad experience' you had been for that 'person'. Send bliss and gratitude to that person till you do not feel in your soul' that you are in correct harmony with that person,it is for sure that you may come across that person and without a word, you both will forgive and forget the'past' immediately,thus clearing the load of KARMA, which if not cleaned immediately will manifest for sure in 'form' of what is known as your Destiny.

So imbibe this fact deep in your heart -that it is your duty to keep every past and present relationship in 'spiritual' harmony,it means whatever external circumstances are,never think 'ill' about anyone anytime.

This attitude will keep 'nasty' and 'stupid' people always away from you in future.

Whenever it is opportunity to part ways,always try to 'give' what you can 'give'- as this is the time to end the KARMA with that person and 'that' aspect of life- so do it in 'gratitude' and 'prayer'.

Simply affirm in your heart,focusing upon your 'center' of your heart-

"We hereby part our ways -I release you to God in gratitude-We are free from each other forever NOW".

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Manifest Desired Life

"Adding SERVICE to Love is Guarantee of Success"

We forget to remember that we are all ONE and we can not achieve any substantial success in life ,if our desire is not adding something to human life.

We all want to mind our own business and do not want others to mind our business,But the fact of life is we can not be successful in life,if our work is not 'adding' something extra to other peoples life.

If you think that 'work' is only medium to earn 'living' then you are surely die working for 'living' and won't be able to enjoy the life.




So Make it sure that whatever you are doing for living contains 'love' and 'service' to others,then only you will enjoy 'living' on this planet earth as human being.

You need not to do anything extra-you got to be grateful for 'people' who are medium to provide you'living'- your employers or your customers.

If your 'work' and 'heart' is full of 'love' and desire to 'serve' more than what you get for 'living'- many many god things like 'friends'-'family'-'lovers' and well wishers will be added to your life,which'll guaranteed success in everything you want and everything you do.

This is what we want?

-To enjoy life.

And it is so possible if you add 'love' and 'service' to your 'work'.

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Manifest Desired Life

"Add LOVE to any desire to manifest Miracle"

Love is only miracle,

Just add'love' to any purpose and  result is Miracle.

Hold this Master Key tight- keep adding 'love' to whatever is your desire and manifestation will become part of your life.

It is as simple as this,just keep loving what you want under every circumstances, even when desire looks so impossible to achieve.

It is the law,you almost end up attracting everything that you love, this is how your 'worst fears' are manifested,as you keep loving to all those 'fears' and keep being with them.

Love means 'oneness'- What is that you are ONE with? Your 'fears' or your 'desires'.

Answer this question and you'll find answer to all your 'troubles' and 'pain' in life.

For example ,people keep on whining about being 'cheated' and keep on getting 'cheated' in whatever they do.

If you are clever,you'll throw the very feeling and memory of person down the drain,where you've been cheated and move forward by thinking about 'trust' and 'faith' and henceforth you'll receive these two from everyone in your life.

So Practice this Now-

Keep loving your desire and keep manifesting one after another.

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Manifest Desired Life



Understand the truth of every human relationship clearly.Let there be no confusion about this that including your relationship with your own body every physical human relationship comes up with meeting and breaking up.

This hardly means that life is full of 'pain' and every relationship is 'breakable'.

What this means is-everyone you find around you is nothing but 'reflection' of one aspect of your 'soul'. We are all 1 at the level of SOUL.This law is known as "Soulmate Infinity".That is why ,it is futile to cry for 'people' who want to leave us,left us or not responding to our 'desire' to connect.

Never allow your life to be affected by people who have left you but simply wake up to the opportunity of new and better arrival in your life.

There is a stupid legal system,where so called husbands and wives go for divorce and there are churches and temples and courts ,where some go to register as husbands and wives.

Truth is, if in any relationship,you need to 'register' or 'divorce',it is not at all a relationship but a simple business agreement gone wrong.

Instead of well being of children ,people fight for custody of children,what kind of children these are,whose custody you got to fight in court of law.

Every beautiful relationship is based on two factors only- LOVE and FREEDOM,whenever we do not give this to other relationship is over,its as simple as that.

That is why keep everyone related to you, free to go their ways and keep loving them,you'll find that no one ever will leave you,even if they leave you,they will come back,because other than 'God' no one loves unconditionally and gives us complete freedom to love or not to love in return. 

So be the God,which you are,The moment you'll stop possessing BF'S,GF'S,Children,Friends like property, they will truly become yours.

It is true and that is why you are just needed to love your own self and everyone else who you feel like loving.

As one day you both will die physically and no one shares birth or death together,what remains are moments of 'love', to be separated and to meet again in another body,better form under better circumstances.

So be into soulmate infinity and life will be Bliss forever.


Link to Complete Series by Anirudh Dhodapkar- "MANIFEST DESIRED LIFE"


Manifest Desired Life

"How to achieve FOCUS-MANTRA Path"

MANTRA & STOTRAM or SPELLS are  one of the most widely practiced System to Achieve desired results- These all practices are focused upon invoking the subconscious power

to achieve desired results.

There are wide variety of MANTRA for achieving almost all desired results are there in Indian Ancient texts and also found in almost every religious text in world- In BIBLE they have specific prayers for specific needs. Biggest Role of a MANTRA is to wipe out your apprehensions and fears,when you begin to make efforts for a particular TARGET.

People may call it superstition but true scientists are those ,who use experiment with Mantra and find out what works for their sub conscious attunement.

MANTRA is the symbol ,through which you identify your 'manifested desire'.

When you'll pray for guidance ,surely you'll be guided to MANTRA ,which is right vibration for your desire to accomplish.

There are different methods prescribed to make you identify divine power within you,one of the miraculous MANTRA is SOAHAM or AUM,both in its literal meanings remind you of your unity with ultimate source of life and Miracle.

'MATRA' -The Science & Art of Manifestation is one such book ,written to inspire you to explore your divine powers.

You can chose MANTRA from any religion or practice you like,as there is no bar of religion,cast or creed or copyright on any MANTRA. As Mantra is always invoked and gifted to humanity by the teachers ,who are beyond organized religious super markets like HINDU,MUSLIM,CHRISTIAN,JEW etc etc.

So discover and explore your power to be divine in all aspect of life-beginning with Chanting AUM-which alone is enough to connect you to miracles you are searching for in any aspect of life.


Day 18

Manifest Desired Life

Master Key to Manifestation- 

"Training your Subconscious Mind"

Your Subconscious Mind is your ultimate resource to manifest all your desires.

It is the Master key to open floodgate of desired life.


This is the place where you create your KARMA and KARMA creates your destiny.

This is where you are united to divinity.

being attuned with divinity is one and only purpose of life,whatever we are inspired to 'want' is basically what takes us one step closer to become,what is known as GOD or SATAN.

We have complete freedom to be what we want to be.

There is only one law.

God thinking lead to GOOD and bad thinking will lead to BAD manifestation.


Your 'sleeping hours' are your workshop to manufacture your destiny.

As you close your eyes to sleep- Just give your mind one simple instruction-just feel whatever you want to manifest and say unto yourself-

"Now I may subconscious mind to manifest."

This is a terrific spell.

In fact more you practice this ,more your 'subconscious powers' attracts the solutions.Making this a habit will enable you to grab right opportunities and give up futile leg work in manifesting your desires.

Ways of sub conscious manifestation are effortless.

Feel your desire effortlessly manifested,feel it in every detail and keep on detailing your 'desire'-as it develops, soon you will find it manifested to 'conscious' touch and experience word.

Read and practice this spell as much as you can as this is here to make you destiny maker.

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Link to Complete Series- "Manifest desired Life"


Manifest Desired Life

"Basics to be Desirable"


You will find many couples ,where you wonder how a bellow average Boy found an extremely glorious girl whereas some most so called 'deserving' boys spend best of years wondering why they never find a single date.

This is not injustice-this is what you get from internally you are jealous of all 'others' who have better life than you.

This is the first and last mistake that all the people who lead 'miserable' personal life usually commit and then they keep on repeating this mistake till they drown themselves deep in self pity.

Being Jealous of others and thinking that undeserving people are having everything whereas 'good' people like you are suffering.

Here is the solution.

What you want?

- To see other people unhappy 


-Being Happy yourself

If you take option 1, you need a psychiatrist,if you take 'option 2' solution is all yours.

This moment onward give up the habit about checking other peoples cupboard.happiness or unhappiness,this is the worst addiction than Liquor or drugs,so give it up-it is easy.

You'll feel light when you'll begin to count blessings and attributes of your life.

Trust me,there is no person on earth ,who never had any quality or blessing in her/his life,fact is we are never thankful enough for body,health,water ,air because these are easily available, can you buy out a part of your body?

No you can not.

You are not counting your blessings and this is the reason of 'charmless' life that you lead.

Make it a point to write as many blessings and as many qualities that you can find in yourself,many of you have stopped to  appreciate themselves , right?

Now there must be one 'focus' in life and that is- "love yourself more."

Think only -what you 'want' to be and replace all thoughts that you have about others- by affirming," blessed forever."

Learn to be happy and send blessings to every person that appears in your 'day' from morning to night, do this for 3 days and your life will begin to change forever for best.

Understand that whatever good ,you see in others life is trailer of happiness that is about to come and whenever you see others in 'difficulty' it is opportunity for you to be grateful for blessings that you have and bless those people with happiness.

Your life will change in the direction-you will turn your attention- This is very Basic Law of being attractive.

Try it and you'll be blessedly attractive and desirable forever.

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Manifest Desired Life- 

"Inviting The Soulmate"

Look Around- all the people and circumstances around you are your own creation. You've attracted all the relations that you have 


Even your existing parents are results of your ''past KARMA",So first of all stop blaming others- you can't blame yourself- as all around you reflect'some aspect' of your own personality.

Everyone is as lucky or unlucky as they think they are.More you are aware of this fact,more cautious you become about your own 'thoughts'- You have more than 50,000 opportunities in a day to manifest your desired soulmates in all aspect of your life.

Fifty Thousand 'thought waves' that pass through your mind unchecked manifest exactly your 'fears'-your 'desires'-your circumstances-as per 'focus' and 'emotion' you add to them.

So for today just be cool.

Just chose to create 'one' person in any aspect of your life-feel his/her presence in your being and feel what you can do for that person when he/she manifests in your life.Problem is, we want to extract something from every relationship but the fact of life is-you must be willing to 'give' something to each desired relationship.The very moment you decide to ask only in 'prayer' and 'give' something to someone all the time-your life becomes a fulfilled dream-as you are asking at right place-your'subconscious' and giving 'consciously'.This is the LAW OF KARMA.

The moment you begin to apply this-your begin to attract 'soulmates' ,who give you 'more' than you can even imagine for.

Never Ever enter in relationship with any expectation but to share what you have- Because you are already related to persons ,who are right now in front of you- 'that person' is you are yourself in different 'form' -so treat and expect the way you treat and expect from yourself.

Live with this practice in your 'thought' or 'subconscious life' and very soon,either you'll find your existing relationships turning 'magnificent' or you are attracting 'magnificent' person- in this process-those who are not attuned to this process will automatically drift apart or won't come near you.

I've seen Sex Slaves,manifesting desired dignified life through this simple LAW so why not independent people like you can achieve the same.

"CRIMINAL BY CHOICE" is story of one such girl only- who creates a life as per her desire,

Tomorrow-"Healing The relationships".


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 Day-15- Manifest "Desired Life"- 

   "Invoking Invisible Help"

Whether you believe it or not, there is invisible help is available,you are just needed to invoke that help.How is this help invoked?

Get Into sleepy state by closing your eyes-give a color to your 'desire' for which you seek help.

Let's say,it is light blue color.

Now after this moment onward-whenever you are reminded of your 'desire'- immediately bring this color in your 'mind'.

This color is your 'identification' with your desire- now as you begin this practice,keep an open mind,you can receive the guidance from unpredictable source- it maybe a 'inspired thought', 'piece of paper' or anything that'll inspire you to find your desired solution.

Try This-This is a fantastic practice to invoke solutions to all  troubles or desires by activating divine resources in your subconscious mind.

Most of the people die and live without knowing their 'own' miracle power.

You chose to be different-Chose the Miracle once and your life will be a Miracle.


[Paperback Addition Released today]


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Day-14-Manifest "Desired Life"- "Receiving Invisible Help in Trouble?"





 People are so alone these days-it is because children don't want elderly parents at home and parents don't want grown up kids in house.

You all want privacy and this privacy costs you dearly, when you are in trouble and you have no one to 'share'or 'care'.Simply by the law,since you don't want to 'share' and 'care' so why others will now?

Otherwise also,we can only go to one place in 'trouble'and that source to all 'solutions' is our 'subconscious mind' connected to divine help always.

Close your eyes instantly-spell your 'trouble'and say unto yourself 'I now manifest the solution to....' or "I now seek guidance to.......'

Supreme power never even bothered whether,you were grateful enough in past for all the free water,air,upbringing,body,health,life or not?

Help comes directly and immediately,if you are insistent enough-your repeated prayers are needed only because, human being is miraculously thankless,whenever she/he receives 'something'-they credit unto 'hard/smart work',when something goes wrong-it is always- "This..that..and why it always happens so to a good person like me."

If you are intelligent enough to realize that many 'things' in life are provided unto you,without you making any efforts for that and how many times you've forgotten that favor from invisible source.

Fact is, you do not at all believe that 'miracle' can happen at all,whereas ,your walking-talking and living is an miracle in itself.

More you grow into this realization,more grateful and confident you become of your own power to attract help-If you look deep into any 'trouble' you have right now,you will realize that you have attracted it trough your repeated KARMA or THOUGHT,now know that with same process ,with much less efforts you can attract 'solution' to trouble also.

As Process and law is same for one and all but can be used by them only,who know the law,or else,you'll keep on thinking'trouble' and keep on manifesting 'trouble'.

So try differently this time.

Use thee Same Process and manifest 'Solution'.

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Day-13-Manifest Desired Life

Converting Rejection into Opportunity


Rejection of any kind in 'love' or in 'profession' is heartbreaking,but please note that It is a fantastic opportunity.

Fact is people ,who overcome Rejection are the people who find the secret of being 'happy'.

As they do not take any rejection as finale and commit to try again and again from this or that way. The time ,energy and emotions in any 'effort' are just not lost by a rejection but it gives you necessary strength to rise above your short comings,it is not easy but it inject you with enormous strength,if you decide to work upon opportunity to grow as a 'person' that rejection provides. Generally rejection is secured 'first reaction' of world towards achievers who try something that is beyond their assessed capacity and in the process make 'mistakes' to be qualified as 'rejected'.

But rejection is not dejection-never be dejected at first 'glance' of rejection. 

Always accept any 'challenge' as  a 'game'-you were never permanently disheartened when you lost a 'game' of 'chess' in childhood-you cried,shouted'foul' and move ahead in life.

What is different Now?

Rejection of a business,job,date,marriage proposal is not more 'serious' than your 'defeat' in childhood ,when after all tantrums,MOM refused to go alone in 'party' with Boys after 9 pm.

Today you do not even remember that 'Boy','chess','date'which you lost,trust me same will happen with any other 'rejection'also.

Life and we change so fast that today's 'Rejection' matters 'nothing' tomorrow.

You are in 'competition' with yourself only.

No one else took birth or will die with you.

Your life is your own 'game'.

You can change everything,including the 'rules' and 'game' itself.

Trust this statement,as this is coming from someone,who has converted 'rejection'into 'opportunity' so many times in life that today 'success' and 'failure' both look interesting.

So feel the 'inner power'-feel that you've the power to get what you want and the way you want,you'll go on changing the'games' and 'rules' and only thing that should matter to you is your definite faith in 'power' to 'try again' and again and again till 'desired' life is not manifested- This very excitement makes life worth living as human ,or else what is the difference between a 'stone' and a 'human'.

You chose to play this 'game of life' by appearing in this world ,so enjoy this 'roller coaster ride' now.

trust me till you won't learn to 'enjoy' this ride, life will be 'dull' and 'depressed', so learn to 'enjoy' the 'acceptance' and 'rejection' in same breath and slowly you'll create your own destiny- which will be 'accepted' to one and all.

Tomorrow- Source to invisible help in 'trouble'.


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Day-12-Manifest Desired Life

   "Problems are Teachers"


Problems happen to all-there is hardly any human being ,who has not faced the same kind of problems but still we think that -we are the only one chosen by destiny to be showered with problems one after another.

This is one of the oldest confusion and myth that humanity is suffering since ages.And this is the only reason why smaller problem attract bigger and one after other problems are attracted in succession-that is why they say correctly- "Misery loves company".

There is an easy way to understand why Problems appear in life cycle. We take many things for granted,we have absolutely no gratitude for air-water-land-body and even health,as it is all bestowed upon us abundantly by mother nature.

We only care for all these 'gifts' only -when we do not have them. If you make it a practice to be abundantly grateful for life-health-body and all aspects of nature,you'll be blessed with same in all aspect of life.

When a problem appears-it teaches you only one lesson,and we all must learn that lesson-it is- 

"To be grateful enough for that aspect of life."

Right now any problem you are facing is teaching you exactly same-so take that lesson and move forward-same problem will never revisit you again.

We make Anthill out of Ant by keep on speaking and thinking about a problem-this shows that somewhere inside you are in 'love' with this problem and you want it to 'share' as if it is a 'candy' to one and all.

This way you'll attract only two kind of people-

1] Who wants to exploit you

2] Who enjoy providing you with a shoulder to cry

Be Sure- If you are genuinely thinking and acting upon 'solutions' instead of 'problems' ,you'll never know,when a problem will appear and when it'll vaporize into thin air.

Ask Just one question ,while confronted with problem-

"What this problem is teaching me?"

Same when you go through 'physical' or 'emotional' pain-

"What this pain teaches me?"

Tomorrow- "Divine Guidance to solve Problems and heal the Pain."

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   "Manifest Desired Life"

                   "Be The Bull"

The very first sign of 'sure success' is when no one and nothing derails you from your chosen path.

The very signature of an Achiever is her/his stubbornness.

Achiever is someone whom circumstances hits hard and he will keep on bouncing  back to harder,till obstacles in path to success are not broken to pieces.

That is why all achievers are called 'MAD' sometime in their life.Just take the life of Abraham Lincon- What 'CHANCES' he had to become President of USA? Practically nothing,Take the example of any IT Achievers -bill Gates or Steve Jobs- What chances they had to rewrite corporate history of world? Practically nothing.

Now look at their achievements- Biggest quality they possess was their stubbornness to keep bouncing back till they achieved ,what they wanted to.

Same Applies to you,that is why I told you-  Be The Bull-when a Bull is hungry and having food-you can kill the Bull but it'll not move a bit away from his food.

Success is food of your 'soul'- so be the Bull-Don,t bother or fear of anything at all-just look forward to what you want to achieve- When this stubbornness becomes part of your 'attitude'-You'll be the achiever in 'thoughts' first and 'action' letter-This is th LAW.

Link to all Self Healing Books by Author



Manifest "Desired Life"

Wake up &Sleep Early to Success

Someday in life you are going to find this out, so realize this today.

This is eternal law of "Success" -that success is always served on 'first come first' basis',people who wake up to 'opportunity' early are the people who succeed,that is one of the reason why we find very talented people lagging behind in manifesting desired life while average people enjoy the success ,so dearly sought by talented ones.

Locating the opportunity and grabbing it, is a practice and you simply do that by being prepared.How'll you be ever prepared and fresh?

It starts today or never.

You can never be 'prepared' for 'tomorrow'.

You are always 'prepared' for today.

People with study life style hardly ever get frustrated,as they always have something to do 'next minute' -they can face 'defeat' once in a while but they never can be 'complete failures'.

It is because ,these guys not only design their 'destiny' -they also design their 'today'.

That is how they practice to manifest their destiny everyday-they just not see or think dream-they actually 'live the dream'.These girls and guys are so consistent in their efforts towards 'desired goal' that even 'rejection' is ashamed to 'reject' them one more time,slowly they built a habit of winning and winning consistently and keep on doing better and better everyday.

Never sleep walk through a 'single day'.

Just let go of the 'past' and catch hold of 'present'.

Even if you are unemployed or you have lot of time on your hand- never 'laze' through-simply put this time to the 'best use'-as this is a 'god sent' opportunity to think and try new things.

More you'll begin to spend the 'day' as per your'plan' -more you'll begin to master your destiny and more 'pleasant surprises' are there in store for you.

Youngsters sometimes find this as 'old fashioned'-as this obstructs in path of 'night life' and carefree mornings-but those who understand the 'futility' of night life and carefree mornings early in life ,smell and enjoy the success early- rest awaits success and wonder why they are always kept 'waiting' in matters of 'opportunities' and success?

Just once in life ,try spending 21 days,as written above and you'll learn,how to live life on your own terms and how to manifest your 'destiny.'

Link to all Self Healing Books by Author      


 Manifest "Desired Life

Understanding is- Overcoming Guilt&Worry

This world wants you to feel 'guilty' about everything you are- If you are 'poor' -it's a shame,If you are rich- It's a guilt,If you have a wonderful family linage- "You are little silver spooned"- If you are from a broken family- "You are unlucky to never ever being part of family".

The whole modern social,religious and political global Syndicated Mafia survives upon how deeply you are 'guilty' about past or "Worried" about future.

There will not be any 'confession box' or any priest to wash away your sins -if you are not guilty and whole concept of 'religious business' will collapse.

Same way ,If no one is worried about future,what 'wannabe Presidents' will campaign about?

Don't you remember-that every politician you voted for had promised you a 'world' of 'equal opportunity' for all and 'poverty' for none- Presidents came and gone but poverty and unemployment are exactly there for next candidate to come and exploit you for same-enjoy her/his presidency and leave you where you are to be milked by next 'ideology' or 'candidate'.

Haven't you got it that -No one else but only 'YOU' can heal your life, You do not need any social-political-religious 'ideology' to stop worrying of future &being 'guilty' of past.

The moment this revelation appears to you-you are free and you now take charge of your life.

Everyone who ever succeed in anything  that 'mattered' began by believing in her/his idea and  everyone else is attracted to that moment onward.

Guilt is a waste and worry is absolutely your 'social conditioning'- the moment you get rid of these two feelings-you are all sat to live life on your 'terms'.

Under whatever good or worst situation you are- many people before you were there and those who overcame were once who never gave in to 'guilt' or 'worry' and they knew that both are useless.

What is important is-

What are you thinking and doing NOW.

The "Heart Break"- "Failure"- "Cheating"- "Short Comings" all are things of past- what is important is- NOW.

So Just clear your concepts and with a clean slate write-what only you can write- Your own DESTINY.


Day-8-Manifest "Desired Life"-Being the Desire

If you can not 'be' your desire-you'll never manifest your desire.

Difference between winners in spite all 'odds' and losers in spite of all 'favors'lies in feeling and being the Desire.

One must look-feel and be her/his desire before it manifests in physical form.No desire is as cheap or as costly that you can't manifest it,provided you are "1" with your desire.

How to do that?

It's simple- be with your desire- never lose sight of what you started to 'be' even if whole world,its mothers ,fathers and your own so called 'destiny' is against it.

Remember-'YOU' are your only competition,if you owe any explanation to anyone-it is to only one person-that is 'YOU'.

Achievers give up complete  'life' as failure and born in next life to 'achieve' -what they came to achieve.

Failure-success-people-society-world-even  life  not as precious to one 'dreamer' as her/his dream.

Success in any aspect of living belong to these guys and girls only,rest are led by society and destiny- they born -die and born again to ESS[Eat-Shit-Sex]only.

Even if you commit to yourself that- 

"I'll never give up my dream-whatever may happen."

Then above commitment begins to change your destiny.

You might have to change 1000 paths and partners but life or death or next life will guide you exactly where you desired to reach.

Everything ,that is magnificent in any aspect of life in this universe is created by such warriors only,who refused to be with the 'world' who chose their 'desire' and changed the WORLD forever as per their desire.




    "Desired Life"

       [Day-7] - 

How to Trash the PAST   

   Heal the PRESENT 


  Manifest FUTURE?

Your 'sleep' is most efficient "Auto Pilot" Aircraft to Trash your Past-Heal your present and manifest your future.

Sleep in complete attunement with your subconscious mind and you can do wonders in your life.

Your Subconscious is your 'miracle making' tool.Learn to use it and you can come out of any kind of failure-frustration and depression.

Today as and when you feel sleepy,just focus upon your 'heart'and feel-

"Now I burn all my past karma-I am completely aligned with my 'goal'- I now attune my 'subconscious mind' to attract all that is needed to manifest my desire'.My Body now take rest in peace while my subconscious attracts situations,people and resources needed to divinely inspired 'goal'.

I am now 'one' with 'purpose' of my life,I am the 'purpose'."

Feel this affirmation till it truly align you with 'powers' needed to live your 'purpose' and with every dawn you walk 'one' with your 'life purpose'.

This is most efficient practice for'depression' patients as they are simply needed to practice this 'affirmation' and do nothing.

This is a age old -millions of times applied practice consciously or unconsciously and always brought forward the 'manifestation' which practitioners needed to be 'one' with their 'life purpose'.

You got it today- so Practice and prosper.




Link to make Healing Request and Inquiry about "Healing Now" Self Healing Program-




          Manifest"Desired Life"


   Being the MASTER and not SLAVE to your                         Destiny

Key to manifest what you want lies in your conditioning and reconditioning of thoughts.Keep reminding yourself that there are 50000 odd thoughts pass through your mind during 24 waking and sleeping hours.Whatever the thought you add emotions is processed by your 'subconscious mind' to manifest.

That is why you keep thinking 'fearful thoughts' and your fears always come true.

You need to reverse this LAW.

Now Intentionally, you need to channelize these 50000 thoughts towards one 'goal'-this goal is 'what you wish to manifest NOW?'

What is that GOAL?

This process is needed to start NOW or you'll be able to do it NEVER.

This is your 'chance' to become Master of your Destiny.As soon as a 'thought' appears, you are needed to 'chose' -whether to send it to be processed as 'life situation' or not?

You just need to watch and not get involved in any 'thought'-just keep watching a fearful thought, as if watching a film and that 'thought' will pass away to 'recycling' and next thought will appear.

Follow the same process here.

Most of the people lead the life without even knowing what they are thinking and why?

These are the people ,who become 'victims' of destiny and unknowingly manifest what the do not want?

You are now Master and not the Slave, your 'slave' -your mind is sending you endless series of 'opportunities' in form of 'thought waves'- if you'll not learn to think what you want than 'slave' will take over and create your destiny by using the 'thoughts' to which you add 'focus' and attention.

So decide one simple 'thought' to process for manifestation- for example- 

"A Great Job" 


"A Fascinating Soulmate."

Simply feel these purpose only and nothing else,among these also decide the priority- what is most urgent?

-Great Job

Fantastic then-focus upon feeling details of 'great job' only.

This way ,you'll become Master and stop being a slave to your Destiny.

Please know that this'practice' is essence of all "Miracle Sciences"-just adopt this as your 'tool' to manifest and never again in life -you'll be found repeating mistakes or repeating same painful circumstances in all aspects of Life.

Love -Light and Reiki to all- so honored to see your tremendous response-

Tomorrow- "Miracle making Sleep".




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            Manifest "Desired Life"-[Day-5] 

        "MASTER KEY" to Your Personal Healing 

This is so True.

Everyone is part of Infinite Soul but all are different aspects of ONE single infinite power.

Source is 'one' but aspects of unique.

We all represent 'unique aspects' of divinity.

It's like being different children to same mother.

Never Mind.Just note that we all have power to manifest the life we desire but we all heal differently through different sources-some heal by miracles and some heal by learning from others mistakes- while some by repeating own mistakes and some heal by finding their 'unique medium' to heal.

What method we chose to heal depends upon our past KARMA and present 'decision' to heal.

You can manifest your desired life through-




Inspired action

Blessings by Teachers









And many other mediums ,which may exist or you have all the power to manifest one unique medium to heal your life.

See ,what among above mediums appeal you most- whatever appeals to you is your medium and you can immediately create a MASTER KEY through that medium.

In Ancient Indian self healing sciences-this is known as SIDDHI-[Master Key].

What is your favorite color.

For Example- White

So White is the medium that you can master to become a Master Key.

Whatever you wish right now-one 'task' at a time-just keep realizing that particular manifested truth in white color.

Soon you will receive signs- that'll identify and convince you about your'task'being accomplished via white light.

Same way 'one word' like- Jesus,God,Allah,RAMA,Krishna or whatever the word-which intuitively gives you the feel of being your medium of self healing.

You can apply different mediums for accomplishing 'one task' and see which gives you quick result and assurance- that is your medium of self healing forever.

Self Healing is a path of amazing warriors,who can walk on 'unknown path'and experiment with amazing self healing mediums available in abundance-Or this is for 'completely helpless' -who seek divine intervention in life and have no other 'medium' to heal but turning within through circumstances.

Both kind of students most certainly heal their life.

This is not the path for 'critics' and 'mediocre'- So if you are anything but not 'mediocre' and you have taken a decision to find the MASTER KEY to self healing,no circumstances,person,world,destiny or even Gods can stop you from manifesting your desired life.










Manifest "Desired Life"


How to kill FEAR and DEPRESSION

Situation ,that is worst than death is spells of FEAR &DEPRESSION.

These are two worst enemies and best motivators in modern living.

Here Fear of Failure in achieving desire is even worst than death.

Fear leads to depression and depression leads to 'sure failure'.

Depression is 'total helplessness' top overcome recent 'fear'.

Once you learn how to deal 'helplessness' -cause to 'fear' and 'depression' both will disappear.

Generally second stage sufferers of Depression feels that everything and everyone is working against them -which is entirely a false concept and happens because we are totally unaware of 'invisible source of power' that we all have.Fact is the bigger the problem quicker the solution.

First of all write down the 'worst' that could happen to you right now?

"End of Life" or "ultimate failure"-

Nothing worst than above two can happen to you.

Now look around-

Both the things are not happening right now.

Neither you are dead nor you are ultimate 'failure',

One more thing-

Are you the first one in history of humanity to 'suffer' from 'failure' or 'fear of failure'?


Are you the first one- who faced failure in 





Look around 99.99% people at this or that point of time have 'faced' the same -facing or will face the same 'troubles' which you are facing right now.


What is that you can not overcome lie others?

Everyone needs a little 'push' of 'divine help'to overcome an you also need it.

It is available to you.

Right at the moment close your eyes and try to see- what you see behind closed eyes?

Pure Darkness.

Why this blackness?

It is because-you can create anything you like here and manifest it in real life as soon as u close your eyes. This 'Darkness' is an opportunity.

Why do you think,your body needs few hours of sleep?

Sleep is to give your body rest and activate your subconscious mind to attract 'solutions' to problems and 'soulmates' to live happily eve rafter in all aspects of life.

Use this 'sleep' and 'dark black canvas' to manifest your life the way you want.

Just for one day-while going t sleep- order your 'subconscious mind' to attract 'anything' that is most 'important' for next day and feel that 'important thing' done -while entering in sleep.

You can do this anytime -anywhere by closing your eyes and visualizing what you want 'right now'

Whatever that is needed to you'right now' is always provided-or else you would not have lived to see 'another day'.

This is a ongoing process- you keep on manifesting in 'silent studio' of mind-but now it is the time to be 'in charge' of this studio and create what you want?-Keeping aside all the 'criticism' about people and 'apprehension' about -will it be? or Will it not be?

Function of most powerful entity -'subconscious mind' is to attract 'solutions'-if you ask it to 'attract solution' and show it what 'solution' you want than it'll attract it surely.

This is how most dynamic 'success' or 'failure' case studies among human kind has been created and will  keep on being created forever.

So Use this 'faculty' of mind to fullest- give it one task at a time and 'subconscious' will connect you to divine source of manifestation.

More you 'practice' this- more 'solutions' you find and more 'desired life' you create.

You hardly have anytime to be 'depressed' or to 'fail' -as you are in 'action' forever- you are simply innovating your 'own' life and manifesting your destiny -not as 'fear' or 'karma' tell you but the way you want and way it should be.

So take charge today- begin this practice and this practice will lead you immediately to what is known as- "Universal source of Soulmate Infinity and power."

Tomorrow, we will learn to invoke and attune to this 'power'


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Manifest "Desired Life"-[Day-3] -How to Create Soulmates & Circumstances you Desire

No one in life ever has only 1 Soulmate-as it is said so.Contrary to that,whosoever anytime ,anywhere walks into your life is your Soulmate.

Whether experience with that 'soulmate' is good or bad hardly matters- anyone ,who appears in life is invited by us through our thoughts and KARMA. So it is good or not good is purely our business. Any 'person' or 'situation' is total sum of what we thought and what we did.

This means we can create 'people' and 'situations' in our life and we are masters of our destiny-whether we know it or not.This was-is and always be ,as this is the LAW OF KARMA.

So Henceforth ,we will only think what we 'want' and we will do everything with 'pure' intentions-so manifest 'purity' in our life and situations.

That is why all SECRET teachers give so much emphasis on continuously being in 'Gratitude'.

Take any 1 situations and 1 person  you want to change in your life and practice this-

After every three hours -take out the pictures of this 'person' and speak out your mind- express gratitude-close your eyes and feel the person either gone away from your life or changed the way you want him/her to change.At the end of the practice say- "You are now divinely guided to be................."

Do the same with any ONE situation at a time.

This Practice ,in very short time generates fantastic results and many who practiced this practice are living a desired life among desired circumstances with all the soulmates they wish to have in different aspects of life.

Tomorrow we will learn- and in fact remind ourselves our connection with Soulmate Infinity and divine help in trouble anytime anywhere-that is so easily available to us.


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Manifest "Desired Life"-[Day-2] Manifesting  your first- "Tomorrow"

Now we have clean slate-as we reject now anything that is not 'good' for us and only 'approve' those thoughts which are cool.

This is the life of 'Mind'- In whatever circumstances you are- you are the master of your mind- No situation or person can snatch away from you -power to think -what you 'want' to think. This is the time to create a 'very personal' space inside your 'heart' just to manifest your 'own' life.

Sit coolly- Here is the biggest Miracle Practice that you'll practice NOW.

Ask Yourself- "What is my topmost Priority tomorrow"

Just allow-thoughts of 'tomorrow' only and try to figure out -what is your topmost priority tomorrow- see that 'priority' accomplished- just see it- as you can feel now-how you are feeling by just thinking about your topmost 'priority' achieved.

Be in this thought a much as you can live and close your eyes to sleep saying- 

"Task Accomplished....."


As you wake up feel the task accomplished- ask for divine guidance-that is available in your sub conscious mind and take your first step to TODAY in morning.

This is beginning of Miracle- Now you have learned how to crate your TOMORROW.

You Got to keep doing this till you do not master the science of achieving your 

'Topmost Priority.

Tomorrow We'll Practice -How to heal interaction with people and circumstances  everyday.


Manifest "Desired Life"-Unlearn-Undo & Start upon new slate [Day-1]





If you are trapped into 'undesired' and frustrating life-here is the path to lead desired life this moment onward.


Please realize the fact that 'frustration' and 'failures' are result of faulty Thinking. What is Faulty Thinking- It is when you think what you-'don't want' and scared of thinking -'what you want'. Under whatever condition ,you are right now- if you'll adopt this practice- improvement in life is guaranteed ,always.


As you are about to sleep in night- give yourself 15 minutes and focus upon center of your heart- let the 'thoughts' flow- as soon as the 'thought' you do not want to manifest- say 'rejected' and move ahead- when a 'thought' of 'what you want' appears-say- 'Yes-Accepted' and feel the manifestation of this 'thought'- reject all thoughts of 'criticism'-'anger'-'frustration'-'guilt' and chose to delve only in 'whatever feels good'.

this is beginning of cleaning the 'slate of life'-just clean it this way and let only blissful thoughts may remain-whatever difficult it may seems to you-do this -as this is far better to 'give up' pain instead of 'carrying' it to lead a sick and frustrated life.

As you do this tonight-Tomorrow ,we'll start with a 'clean slate'.





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Link to complete Series-"Manifest Desired Life" by Anirudh M.Dhodapkar




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