Ready Player One



A review of the 2011 science-fiction novel "Ready Player One"

Ready Player One is a science-fiction novel published in 2011. It's set in a nightmare 2044, where people escape from their miserable everyday existence in a virtual reality simulated universe called OASIS. Upon his death, the reclusive creator of OASIS triggers the world's biggest treasure hunt, with the prize being worth millions of dollars and control of OASIS. Years later, OASIS devotee Wade Watts, stumbles upon a clue that launches him on a life and death quest that will take all his courage, skill, intelligence and encyclopedic knowledge of 1980s pop culture to survive.  

It's a good book, exciting and entertaining. The book has some good characters and it's well paced. The action moves along at a brisk pace It's very funny and likeable. If you enjoy the movies, video games, TV and music of the 1980s than you'll probably enjoy the books frequent references to the pop culture of the period.


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