There is a time to hold tight to the pride within. However we must examine the images among us with an honest mental review by removing emotional optics.

Let us open the background of liberated honesty. We need not look far to find what we wish to suppress and deny.

Proud we are and invested in the deepest terrains of humility. With careful thought to whom we share the mental fractures that freely roam through our souls, ever so often. Searching for an avenue to release the wounds that lie beneath, in the secret tunnels that others attempt to reveal.

Through our eyes the view is pure, clean, and accurate. Might we dissolve the silent pressures of denial that penetrates the core of our spirit? Let us be free to share truth.

My Truth, Your Truth, Our truth! Keeping in mind, we recite and pledge to live according to; One Nation Under God, correct?

Clear the tormented air that pierces the intolerant ear.
Speak out, Speak truth, Speak with love!

Yes we live in a society where general assistance may be required for some, those who are simply incapable of providing for themselves. A boost in the areas that are essential to life or the basic necessities.

Our elders and veterans but most importantly the continuous development of our children.

Nevertheless there are familiar issues within failing communities. Jobs are scarce, poor education, high crime and an absence of developmental training. Programs that may enhance the marketing abilities for the under-educated and post-incarcerated citizens. 


Nevertheless we cannot deny or hide, the repeated cycles of generational entitlement.

We must acknowledge that many communities are wrongly coddling healthy and capable adults who refuse to stand and walk the walk of faith. There should be a collective denial within our society to  must sheltering and denying such truths equally reduces the chances of black success. Reverse the generational curses of dependence and aim for self sufficiency. Reject the urgency to produce more mouths to feed by loving thy self enough to get up, get out, stand tall and proud on your merit.

Standing the course will solidify a consistent hunger to achieve. Achieve your dreams through diligence and opting for wiser social decisions. We cannot place full blame on other. There must be self-awareness, respect and pride for our own. If we must work an extra job or minimize the wants and concentrate on the necessities, there lies hope. We cannot become or remain products of after thoughts. By understanding our gifts and extracting the deepest pride within us, we may tap into a new discovery. There is power to succeed through perception, application and grace.

Reject the lost mentality of entitlement. Claim and brand the life we envision for our children! Be what you dare to dream. Succeed where there is more opportunity to fail.

We must decide, speak, and live the truth we proclaim. Therefore we must not cover up the weaknesses that live beneath the files of acceptance. Refuse to fall into a passive mediocre existence... Get up, Stand, Walk; then Leap to a life of Excellence and Freedom! You do not require a leader to follow when you can ascertain and acknowledge your divine calling.


The only thing that prevents your flight from taking off is your inability to lift off the runway.


With Love & Sincerity!

E. Amoire

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