It is beyond logic to witness a man of a particular age state "'he's trying to get himself together", but continues entertain and pursue women. My only question for this breed of man, those who find it pleasing to invite women into struggling arms, why?

Take a moment and ponder; if your journey is a difficult one, have you considered the likelihood of increased struggles with a lady in your life. If your life is inundated with challenges, please clear the roadway before signaling for a companion.

However I am even further puzzled by women who continue to take ownership of male-acquaintances baggage. Nevertheless, those of you who accept these poor invitations from men have little to complain about when you become involved with men who are “trying to find their way”.

If a guy is struggling solo; believe me sister, your presence alone, dinner and a pair of discount shoes may tip the brother over!

We are not created to design goals for men, but to encourage his goals and support his dreams. He has to “Make” himself. It’s not for us to create him. Some will stumble but quickly recover, dust himself off and continue on the pathway to his destiny. Those who lay down waiting for you or anyone for that matter, to stretch out a hand and enable him, should be left to pull himself up.

Strife is like poison in a relationship. The combining of two struggling adults is like throwing kerosene over smothering flames. Why is it difficult to ascertain the importance of attaining individual security prior to joining the life of another?

Men, please practice self control and focus on “preparing” for your future mate, rather than seeking her when you have nothing more to offer than a “stiff one”

Stabilized and secure women prefers a partner who mirrors her strength and capacity. Persistence and leadership is required to form the characteristics of this man, once who oozes charisma and consistency.

Sorry guys, for those who are “still trying to make it” with little or no visible progress, save the sob stories for the ears of those who might enjoy strife. For that particular type, little requirements are necessary, and walk-ins are usually welcome.

For the modest and perceptive woman; appointments only please. Do keep in mind however; all credentials are thoroughly reviewed before inquiries are accepted!

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