USA Voters -Beware of MNC Infiltrators in your Parliaments



Indian and Pakistani Immigration and Human Trafficker VISA Clearance Pimps have invaded Immigration departments through funding local Politicians-Hilary Clinton's fees for Speaking is one Bribe Example-Many awaits you.

It is strange that USA,UK,EUROPE has no correct system on place,which can identify the MNC and Human Traffickers from bribing Politicians for their election campaigns.

Why 'speaking fees' of Hilary and Bill Clinton paid by MNC Companies are being investigated?



Why leaked Email of US Vice president is such a casual affair for FBI, which is so famous for finding WMD even in Iraq and waging a war unnecessarily.

Fact is USA administration and Politics is infiltrated by MNC companies, Indian and Pakistani Human traffickers,posing as PRO and hiring MP'S left right and center as lobbyists.

Is USA Voter aware of the fact that many Indian IT workers are being allowed business VISA  and even immigration to USA by a systematic plan of bribing Foreign Ministry officials,otherwise why so many US/UK Citizens with equal qualification are replaced by Indians in USA/UK and all over Europe?

Who are these VISA clearance agents, and who they are paying for be fooling USA government and dodging immigration policy?

Who are the people ,who convinced France and Germany Governments to allow Muslim Refugees without passport and allowing naked mass murders on  streets of Europe.

Whole white world must make  a background check of Indian and Muslim financiers of new and old Presidential candidates.

It is better not to be as delayed as finding UAE role in 26/11 attack and hiding roles of UAE scamsters still in shape of a file labeled as CLASSIFIED.

[Book Excerpts- CRIMINAL BY CHOICE-Author- Anirudh Dhodapkar]

Link to CRIMINAL BY CHOICE, which exposes MNC -Politician and Terrorist nexus across democratic world.

 Link to Authors Blog on Global politics and Crime Syndication

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