Be bold in being vulnerable!



How can we break through the barriers that hold us back? How do we discover what those barriers are and break through to the unknown? How can we be that person totally different than what our parents and society have trained us to be?

The answers to these question are both simple and complex. Simple because all we have to do is take more risks without question AND be ok with the results we get REGARDLESS. And complex because taking risks is scary as hell and being ok with failure is scarier. The optimal way is to move forward without hesitation towards that which scares you. Open yourself up to this fear, know it is there and keep going. When you get rejected, questioned, criticized, ostracized and kicked down, get up as quickly as possible and do what you need to heal. Keep going!! Create a space in your life where you can do this over and over again. This will be your container for rapid growth.


If your desire is to lose weight but you are scared of looking stupid, take a dance class or visit a trampoline park. If you want to make more money, try spending money by investing in yourself...go back to school, get a certificate in your passion career, or surround yourself with people that are positive. If you want a healthy and supportive relationship, go out on a date with your best friend who has just confessed their love. Listen to your fear and move towards it!

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