Man Talk — How To Make Crime Pay



Crime pays if your willing to work hard and go to college, But it's not always the criminals who are making the money....

How to make crime pay

I heard recently that former public enemy number one the late Osama Bin Laden had the contents of his will made public. Amongst his bequests was a a sum of $29 million dollars to be donated to the continuation of global Jihad. The big question is how do you claim? What's the criteria to prove your eligible? Maybe you need a CV or perhaps a selection of newspaper cuttings highlighting your commitment to the cause. It's all rather vague, and It puts me in mind of the old police trick of publishing a list of winners of a fake raffle in the local papers. The con of course being, that all the winners are wanted criminals, and surprise surprise, when they turn up to collect their toaster or in this case their 29 million dollars, they are promptly arrested. It's a simple but effective trick that in the old films is always a winner. But would a scam like this be a cunning way of netting yourself a modern day global terrorist.

Statistics show that the old adage crime doesn't pay is a true one. Particularly for your average criminal. Who is generally not the brightest tool in the box, However a recent study in America has found that criminals can become more successful by improving their educational levels. Those wannabe gangsters who go to college can increase their earnings by 8%. But if they are really serious they can increase their potential take home pay by 16% if they do a business course. The study looked at 400 mobsters in the USA. And their conclusion being for the career criminal education does pay.

These days 'Cyber Crimes' are the growth industry. Those faceless scams that we only discover when we check our bank accounts and find there's nothing there. Today's super criminal are more likely to be a super geek, The only break in's they do is into your accounts. And the walls they break through are fire walls to discover your password.

The romance of the gentlemen thief Is long gone. The celebrity criminal friend to the rich and famous ended with the Krays. Today being a criminal holds no romantic connotations. With the exception of the recent Hatton Garden a jewel heist, where the criminals turned out to be a motley gang of time served old pensioners. With their roots in Sixties London gangland.

They appealed to the movie makers notion old time bank robbers, up for 'One last big job' for 'Old times sake'. The fact they were caught was inevitable. And justice being seen to be done was fitting. The press liked to portray them more lovable rogues than hardened criminals, more sad than bad.

But here's something for them to ponder as they lay in their cells at night. When somebody writes the book sells the story and makes the movie, they'll make a heap more money than they ever would have from doing the crime.

Crime might not pay, but writing about it sure does. Another example of the benefits of a good education. The only thing a writer has to steal is other people's ideas. You do the crime, they write the line. Who says crime doesn't pay.


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